Tuesday, July 28th

At the park, Billy and Vikki wonder why Victor’s keeping Gabe around – he should be in jail and out of a job. No, Billy’s hatred has nothing to do with Chelsea – when will this guy ever pay???

Gabe’s not one of Victor’s Newman clones – you adore Nick, Abby, Vikki, he sneers. Victor tells Gabe to stop sniveling and be grateful. I don’t have a damn thing I want, Adam marches out.

Whaddaya say? A fresh start – I need to know we’re OK, Jack’s been worried he’d lose Phyllis (and she’s been worried about losing him) Let’s go to Istanbul. Oh how lucky we are (but neither are smiling as they hug)

Next: I can speak for myself, Marisa says (as Noah hovers) Good to hear – I’ve got a lot of questions for you, Harding says … So maybe you could forgive Lily this one time indiscretion, Mike suggests to Cane… I’ve got a lot to learn about you, Joe smiles. Yeah, ily smiles. Hands touch as they reach for the bottle of wine.

My Thoughts: Cane’s acting like a complete jerk; ‘winner take all’? The twins are a prize to be won or lost? That’s the problem with family law. Parents should be encouraged to co-parent, not use their kids as punishment and bargaining chips. It would be in the twins best interests to maintain as much contact with both parents (and the nanny who’s really raising them) … I don’t blame Neil for being hurt, and angry – but that won’t excuse any revenge he takes on Devon and Hilary. If Neil doesn’t want their love rubbed in his face, stop going to the club …. How the hell could Abby compare the brotherhood that combat soldiers share with her and Gabe’s working relationship? Ben, Dylan, James would have taken bullets for each other; Abby’d be reluctant to lend someone her mascara. Her relationship with Ben is just about over – another failure for poor little miss rich girl (it’ll be a blow to her ego losing her man to her Mom) … Why is Jack whining to Phyllis about being trapped inside his brain for ‘a really long time’? He was in a coma for a couple of weeks – she was asleep for a whole year! Jack’s going to be very disappointed when he realizes that Phyllis misses Marco’s rough n tumble ways. And since Marco’s body wasn’t found at the bottom of the lake, it’s only a matter of time before he reappears to wreak havoc.