Thursday, July 30th

Still in a robe, Devon hates himself for what he just did. Collin gives him reasons not to hurt Hilary. Keeping secrets didn’t seem to be a problem when they were cheating behind Neil’s back. Devon can’t lie to his family again.

Cane basically tells Neil to get off his high horse – and he knows for a fact he’s not over what Devon and Hilary did. Lily’s left to whine to her Dad – she’d give anything to get past this with Cane – but they always argue. Lily’s ashamed – and Neil will always love his baby girl ¬hug¬

Victor likes all of his kids working at the company (for the first time) – especially Nick stepping in. Nick won’t be distracted – he wants the truth. Victor admits he hasn’t been forthcoming – but can trust Nick with the truth. Ummmm – Jack fired the first shot – not in the park. He was trying to take me and the company down. Victor’s been working to protect his business and family.

In bed (after sex) Phyllis talks about how insatiable Jack was on their St Bart’s honeymoon. Jack bristles – and as she prattles on about how much time they spent in bed, finally snaps – I’d rather talk about anything else!

Jack dressed, Phyllis in a robe, she’s not buying that Jack’s jet lagged. He just wants to look forward – a fresh new start. Jack was a different person then. You were, Phyllis agrees – and now isn’t sure who he is.

Nick stops Victor – he doesn’t want to hear about his feud with Jack. Victor needs Nick’s integrity – his sisters don’t get along in the workplace. The company must thrive. Nick looks torn.

In her veil, Hilary smiles at her reflection – then frowns as she flashes back to Neil reaming her out. He wishes pain and unhappiness on her and Devon; karma’s a bitch.

Walk of shame? Neil catches Devon and Collin coming through the revolving door. As Devon hurries upstairs, Collin asks – Did you get the video? Yup – exactly what Neil needed – he’s put the money in Collin’s account. So – when will Neil reveal the video and blow up the wedding. That’ll be up to Devon, Neil says.

-Hilary hides her wedding dress when Devon comes into the suite. You look exhausted – how was the bachelor party? Did you have fun? Fun is not the word Devon would use to describe what happened last night.

Victor doesn’t always see eye to eye with Nick, but he respects him. OK – Nick will stay – but there’s ground rules. OK – Victor’s listening….