Friday, July 31st

Jack knows Phyllis will find this hard to believe – hell, he can’t believe he’s saying it. Another Jack took his place. But how? Phyllis is horrified. With the help of the sonofabitch who put this whole thing in motion, Jack seethes.

Victor doesn’t appreciate Marisa summoning him to the park. Kevin and Mariah went diving in the lake – they found the car, but no Marco. My God! You knew! Victor’s wink confirms he did.

On the rooftop, Mariah updates Summer and Abby that she and Kevin went to the police. Seems Marco didn’t die – no, the police didn’t ‘drag the lake’. Mariah relays finding the car but no body. Eavesdropping, Noah interrupts to say Marisa was as surprised as anyone. All are on edge – especially when Mariah spots a creepy guy watching them.

Billy drops by Underground looking for info on Gabe. Sage has no idea. Chelsea’s gone, Billy adds.

Nick scolds Vikki and Ashley for bickering loudly in Victor’s office. Vikki’s thrilled to hear Nick’s sticking around. Ashley not so much – with Jack out of the country, Victor’s circling the wagons to force him out.

Jack explains that Victor thought he was behind the Paragon Project, so had him kidnapped and replaced. Since when? After we took our vows. Phyllis is horrified – OMG – all this time! He and I … OMG, she weeps.
Chelsea’s gone? She left a strange message at work – she needed some time away. Yes, Billy cares about her – and Connor (even though he’s not his Father) Sage lists all the ways Billy was a father to Connor.

Nick assures Ashley that he’s not his Father’s pawn – he wants to end the infighting. Ashley thinks the only way to resolve company problems is to get rid of the cancer at the top. Nick then asks for private time with Vikki; it’s personal. Ashley eavesdrops as Vikki tells Nick she has the perfect person to pull this off – discreet – she’ll never know what hit her.

Marisa assumes Victor knows where Marco is – she wants him out of her life. Victor had his people look in the lake. You let me walk around thinking it was over!? Marisa then points out that Victor’s grandkids are loose ends. That’s why he has a bodyguard watching every member of his family. Marisa too – Victor’s using her as bait. As Kevin eavesdrops, Marisa tells Victor that he’s not the only one hunting Marco.

The GCPD are looking for Marco, Marisa assures Victor that she didn’t implicate him (with Kevin and Mariah) She didn’t say that Marco looks like Jack, or that Victor kidnapped Jack. Marisa thinks the police will be more inclined to protect her than Victor (who warns her not to open her mouth)

Noah ignores the girls to go confront the guy who’s watching them. He returns to say he’s a cop, sent by Harding to watch over them. Abby’s going back to her cutthroat job (where people don’t actually cut your throat) That leaves Noah to reassure Summer and Mariah that Marisa’s on their side.

At the station, Kevin relays what he saw – Marisa and Victor had their heads together (though he couldn’t hear what they were saying) Interrogate Marisa! Kevin insists. Harding has his ways …. On cue, Marisa arrives (she got his text) Harding wants a description of Marco.

He looked like you, he sounded like you, these things don’t happen, Phyllis weeps. Jack’s twin must have really had a laugh at her – being so clueless. He won the lottery – had me whenever he wanted. Jack continues – he was drugged and woke up chained to a bed, with Kelly as his captor. She fed me a diet of pills – I was out of it – she made me believe you were dead. Told that Marco Annaselli is a drug lord, Phyllis wants to know where he is.

Nick and Vikki are seated at the club. This must have been a tough decision – you can back out, Vikki says – and what about Dad? Nick can’t count on him. A man brings a briefcase over – I think you have exactly what my brother’s looking for, Vikki greets him.