Thursday, July 30th

Phyllis talks about how erratic Jack became after the honeymoon – she never knows if she’ll get the sweet, gentle man or the spontaneous, mischievous man who challenged her to skinny dip under a full moon, in front of hotel guests. She’s not sure it it’s the most embarrassing or exhilarating thing she’s ever done with Jack. That’s the man you prefer? Is that what you’re saying? Jack’s not happy.

Devon lost a lot to Collin at the casina. And? Drink too much? Last night wasn’t what Devon expected it to be. Hilary had a surprising evening too – Neil stopped by to say he’s ready to let go of his anger – best of all, he won’t mess with our big day. Hilary’s so relieved – Neil’s starting to forgive us. Now everything will be perfect – I love you ¬kiss¬ I love you too, Devon replies ¬kiss¬

So technically, Devon didn’t cheat on Hilary, Neil’s told that he was out of it after he slipped a mickey into his drink – but Devon thinks he cheated on Hilary; he’s burdened with guilt. Hilary will find out eventually, Neil says there’s plenty of pain to go around. Collin didn’t know Neil was this ruthless – thought he#d accepted it. No, Neil can’t get past the betrayal. They took his joy and happiness – and Neil will return the favour.

Pleasure doing business with you, Neil and Collin agree with a parting handshake. Collin then joins Cane at the bar. He whines about seeing Lily kiss Joe. No, he doesn’t want to run away to Vegas – Cane misses his wife, his family. So what are you going to do about it? Collin asks (as Lily appears)

After a post sex nap, Devon goes to get something to eat (Hilary’s suspicious)

Nick won’t let Victor run his life in any way. Interfere and I walk. Victor agrees with the terms (he’s no longer concerned since Sharon’s out of his life) Things are going well with Sage. But she lied for Gabe, Victor points out – can you trust her? Nick reminds him of the rules. If I broke them, walk out, Victor bluffs.

Jack wants to get out of the hotel room. No, Phyllis wants answers on what’s been going on. You’re keeping something from me. The entire family knows something isn’t right. Talk to me – I need the truth.

On the rooftop deck, Devon has a drink – flashing back to Hilary asking him to promise they won’t end up like Cane and Lily. Enter Neil – up here drinking – didn’t get enough last night? Everything OK? Hilary appears. Everything’s just fine after all, Neil can see that Devon’s kept his secret.

Cane joins Lily at the bar – he’s tired of fighting – we can’t go on like this. Lily hopes Cane wants to work things out. He’s not sure he can forgive her, but she’s a good Mom – we need to put our animosity aside to work out a shared custody agreement. Disappointed, Lily recovers – I want that too.

Victor didn’t mean to cross any lines – Nick can live his life any way he pleases. Good – Nick’s committed to Sage and the baby – accept that or answer to me. That’s what it means to be a Newman – defend those you love at all costs, Victor approves.

You don’t want to know the truth, Jack claims. Phyllis can see this is eating away at Jack – there’s nothing on this planet we can’t handle together. Don’t shut me out. Jack admits there’s a reason Phyllis feels she’s been dealing with two men – you have – there were two Jack Abbott’s. Needless to say, Phyllis is stunned.

Next: Noah takes a seat beside Mariah – She (Marisa) was just as surprised as you that Marco survived the crash. We’re still targets, Abby concludes (as Summer looks ready to cry) … In the park, Kevin overhears Victor tell Marisa that Marco will approach her before anyone else …. Phyllis is floored – Are you saying that when I came out of the tub …. I was gone – another Jack was there, she’s told.