Monday, August 3rd

Knock, knock – It’s so good to see you Jack, Marisa flies into his arms – it is you isn’t it?????

It’s me – Jack – he comes in (and relays how he set fire to the ship) Marisa’s made a new friend – Noah. He’s a good kid, Jack says. What’s Jack doing here? He holds up the newspaper – you’re protecting your lover – on Victor’s payroll now????

Phyllis would never dream of interrupting a romantic evening – she knows how happiness fleeting is. Nikki was so worried about Jack – what a recovery – and then you two are off to Istanbul. Phyllis eyes Victor – Jack was able to back up your story. Nikki hopes for peace between the families – Victor too. And when he excuses himself to take a call, Nikki asks her to stay – we’re both lucky women (to have a chance at a fresh life) You’re drunk, delusional or both. Victor’s on the phone – find Marco – before people find out he’s a dead ringer for Jack.

Sharon prepares Nick – Faith knows what’s going on between you two. Nick’s puzzled – I just proposed. Sharon sputters – Engaged!? She glares at the ring – Dylan offers congratulations. Sharon takes Nick aside to insist she’s worried about him. DNA tests can be manipulated (as she well knows). Sage would never do that. Oh – so you’re saying she’d never be as devious as me?

Sage lied to you, Sharon’s happy to remind (and hint she’s after money) Sharon won’t be judged – Nick waited 20 years to get a paternity test – we’ve all lied; including Sage. At the counter, Faith notices Sage’s engagement ring – you and Daddy aren’t breaking up?! Faith calls Mommy over – to proudly announce that Daddy’s engaged. Sharon’s the only one one not smiling.

Nikki understands why Phyllis is upset with Victor. She’s sorry for all she’s been through. You have NO idea what I’ve been through, Phyllis hisses – how can you defend that man you’re married to. Oh – the same way Phyllis stood by Jack when he had Victor charged with embezzlement. You’re just upset because Jack hasn’t been himself. Please forgive Victor and look ahead – to Jack. Phyllis thinks Nikki’s being incredibly foolish. After Phyllis marches off, Victor returns to hear Nikki would be a fool to trust him – is she right?

Marisa gave the police a false description – Victor searched the lake first. But he didn’t get rid of the body. He looked genuinely worried that Marco could be out there. Marco’s ability to replace Jack puts everyone he loves in danger.