Monday, August 3rd

Having noticed Sharon’s reaction to Nick and Sage getting engaged, he wonders if SHE’S having second thoughts.

At Underground, Safe finds Faith’s stuffed animal – Nick will talk to her about blabbing to her Mom. All three have a sit down – Faith is to come to her Dad if she has questions. Sage would never hurt her or the baby. He or she will always be your little brother or sister.

Victor and Nikki’s romantic evening is interrupted when the lights go out. Victor goes for candles – and bumps into Jack (looking for Phyllis) He’s accuses Victor of getting to Marco first – now where is he!!??

Noah drops by Marisa’s suite – he won’t let Victor threaten her, He never thought he’d feel this way again about someone. Marisa knew there was a reason she came here ~kiss~

Phyllis comes in from the storm to eye, then smash a framed photo of her and Marco – and then the lights go out.

Back at CL’s, Sharon insists she wants a life with Dylan and their baby. Re: Nick, she’s only worried about Faith. Sharon wants to start something with Dylan that neither have ever had – a love that can weather any storm (cue the thunder and lightening)

Faith asleep, Sage thanks Nick for loving her. It’s super duper easy, he jokes – the kiss.

Noah and Marisa are in bed. Courtney wouldn’t want him to lie int he past. Marisa doesn’t want to rush him. No – Noah’s taking things very, very slowly.

Back at the club, Nikki looks over at Victor and Jack – then leaves them to argue about Marco. Jack better look over his shoulder – Marco wants to step back into his shows.

At the Abbott mansion, Phyllis comes down – oh – you’re home. What’s all this? Marco asks. What’s wrong with it? My smile’s strange, don’t you think? Your smile is always beautiful. Phyllis then quizzes him on the name of a palace they visited. Marco can’t recall either. Phyllis is suspicious.

Next: In the elevator, Neil tells Hilary – we might be stuck in here together indefinitely …. Victor knows there’s a connection between Marco and the murders – how does he have that information? None of us told him … Victor warns Jack – If Marco gets wind that she knows, she becomes a target.