Monday, August 10th

Meanwhile, Kevin sneaks around the park. You’re terrible at surveillance, Harding appears behind him. Why are you following me??

Adam brought Connor a birthday present – we’ll celebrate when he wakes up. Connor on her lap, Chelsea opens the gift – a soccer jersey. The soccer ball he got last year, it was you, she realizes – not Victor. How did you know where his party was? Adam was watching her.

Kevin was following Harding – you’ve been acting suspicious since hearing Marco was connected to Austin and Courtney’s murders – and keeping me out of the loop. You’re not a cop, Harding reminds. Kevin pulls out the receipt for survival supplies – care to explain???

Ashley arrives at Jack’s as he’s leaving Phyllis a ‘come home’ message. We had a misunderstanding. Ashley needs another misunderstanding cleared up – the Paragon Project. Jack thinks it Victor’s desperate excuse for what he did to Phyllis and me. What did he do to Phyllis? Ashley’s suspicious – and knows both Victor and Jack are lying.

As Mariah’s leaving, Phyllis barges into Marisa’s suite to introduce herself officially as Jack’s wife. He trusts you, but I don’t. You’ve been lying to everyone. Marisa never lied to Jack (and lists all she’s done to help and protect him) Phyllis is there to ask about Marisa’s relationship with Jack.

Jack knows as much about the Paragon Project as Ashley – who knows why Victor thinks he’s behind it. He must have felt threatened – the lengths he went to to eliminate me. By shooting you? By taking me out of the equation.

Marisa denies she has a relationship with Jack – perhaps Phyllis SHOULD thank Marisa (who’s sorry Marco took Jack’s place) Phyllis was revealing the most intimate parts of herself to a man who wanted Jack dead. I’m his WIFE – I should have been able to tell the difference (she’s now sad)

Back on the rooftop, Ben didn’t want to bring Abby down. Hearing about his crappy day makes her feel part of his life – she wants to share the good and the bad. Holding hands across the table, Abby wants to be there for Ben. If he just wants her as an escape, she’s disappointed – thinking she meant more to him than that.

Watching me and Connor? Stalking us? No – Adam wasn’t at Connor’s party – he was recovering – he sent someone dressed as a clown. Chelsea remembers. Adam needed to share the milestones in Connor’s life. He saw Connor learn to walk and talk. The camera hidden in the nursery! Chelsea’s stunned that Adam was watching her – and Billy. Yes, which Adam didn’t like at all.

I’m an empty headed play-thing, a distraction, Abby wants to help. OK, Ben snaps – tell me why a good, decent man survived the war to succumb to a stupid infection. Can you bring him back to life and give him the life he deserves. Abby’s sorry. Ben is too – I’m a jerk. He’s angry and frustrated. Perhaps Abby can help. Come downstairs with me.

You thought it was OK to secretly install a camera in my apartment? Chelsea’s pissed. I was separated from my child – think about how hard that was on me, Adam whines. Hearing Connor call Billy Daddy. He say Chelsea with this blanket – it gave me hope – there was love in your eyes. I see it now. It’s undeniable. Both then focus on the birthday boy. It’s time to start a new year, full of possibilities, Chelsea says.

Now seated and calm, Phyllis apologizes. Marisa heard she had a firey temper and knows Phyllis has reason to be angry. She’s most angry at herself – she ignored the signs. Marco could have killed you, Marisa feels she was the bigger fool. She knew who Marco was but trusted him over and over. He’s a cruel man, not like your Jack; kind and gentle. Marisa’s relationship with Jack? It was centered around his passionate desire to get home to the wife he loves.

As Kevin threatens to take this to the Chief, Mariah appears – hey guys. You both suck at this, Harding grumbles. What? Surveillance. Butt out or they’ll both be thrown in a cell. OK, but Kevin has a duty to report suspected police misconduct. Harding’s going camping – the Chief OK’d his vacation time. After Harding leaves, neither Kevin or Mariah believe a word he said.

In a suite, Ben mopes about the fellow vet he wasn’t able to save. It’s not your fault, Abby undoes his shirt and kisses him on the bed.

Happy birthday son!! Adam looks sheepish. No, it’s OK – he is your son, Chelsea says. They laugh for selfies.