Monday, August 10th

Marisa tells Phyllis not to feel bad – Marco’s a devious man. He and Jack have the same face but only one has a soul. Leaving, Phyllis thanks Marisa for bringing Jack home to her.

Whomever’s behind the Paragon Project wants Jack and Victor to destroy each other – and both companies, to start their own. Jack looks at the newspaper photo of the Captain – it’s the only thing that makes any sense.

Still at the park, Mariah has nothing to report on Marisa. Kevin tells her to break out her bug spray – we’re going camping.

One hand holds a flashlight, the other his gun, Harding lets himself into the Abbott cabin; GC police. Freeze! Are you going to shoot me detective? Marco grins.

Next: Harding has taken time off? Paul seems surprised. You didn’t approve it? Kevin asks…. Billy would never hurt someone that I love so much, Vikki’s sure. Even if that someone is me? Victor replies …. This is crap – Vikki’s her own person, Billy’s annoyed. She’s spied on Jabot before, Jack reminds.

My Thoughts: Well, last week was quite a week. I spent the week in hospice with my Mom (who passed away on Saturday) I was doing my best to watch the show, and recording audio with my phone to fill in gaps when I was needed elsewhere. Imagine my frustration when managing to do the spoilers, by horrible coincidence, the server went down and the host decided not to restore the site. Thanks 100% to Lyndsay, who’s proven to be indispensable, the site was moved and restored; a task I had neither the energy, skill or inclination to do at that time (perhaps not any time)

Here’s me and Mom saying f*** you cancer!