Monday, August 10th

Looking at the photo of her and Marco, Phyllis worries he’ll come back. No. Jack lists everyone looking for him there’s nothing for Marco her. Marisa? No, she’s not the enemy here, Jack reassures.

At the club, Marisa reads the newspaper (her bogus sketch of Marco on the front page) Nearby, on the phone with Kevin, Mariah’s watching her. At the station, Kevin’s watching Harding – is he doing anything weird? He just brought in donuts. As Harding leaves Paul’s office, Kevin darts in. Seconds later Harding returns.

At the rooftop bar, Ashley chides Ben when he orders another drink – don’t do something stupid (a reminder) Ben sets the drink aside as Ashley gives him a pep talk – doctors lose patients. You gave James a soft place to land. Go home – rest – mourn the one you lost – then celebrate all the lives you’ve saved (including Ashley’s) Abby appears to chirp – what’d I miss??

Adam shows up at Chelsea’s Paris apartment – has she made a decision? Yes, she has.

Chelsea’s done a lot of thinking since yesterday – her decision is ‘no’. We can have an amazing life here, no regrets, Adam pressures. Chelsea is willing to try live their dream for a week. Adam’s optimistic that he can convince Chelsea. She doesn’t want to go site seeing – she wants to live as a normal family. Nothing extravagant, she hands a gift bag back. That’s not for you, Adam informs.

Harding busts Kevin in the Chief’s office. Kev’s not snooping, he’s dropping off a folder related to the case – bank accounts of cops on duty while Victor was in custody. Harding will look at it later. Anything else? No. After Harding leaves again, Kevin pulls a store receipt from his pocket; lantern, snare wire, hunting knife, survival guide. What the hell!?

Marisa approaches Mariah’s table – didn’t think this was your type of place. Mariah’s treating herself to a nice dinner. Marisa tries to make amends – she’s not mad that Mariah went to the police – she wants Marco caught too. Good night.

Jack’s sure that Marisa is on their side. Phyllis is jealous – she never connected to Marco – but Jack bonded with Marisa. Look me in the eye and tell me there was nothing between you and Marisa.

Ben’s eyes glaze over as Abby prattles on about what a great job she did in Milwaukee. Ashley leaves them to catch up. Abby asks about Ben’s message – what happened? Rough day, Ben says. That’s it? What made it so bad? Why won’t you talk to me? Tell me what you’re feeling. It’s not that easy. Seems like it was with my Mom. And Vikki. Why can’t you open up to me? Abby pouts.

Jack insists that Marisa is the reason he made it home – she knew it was to come home to YOU. No, Phyllis doesn’t know Marisa like Jack does. Why is she still here? Nothing ever happened – I never slept with her, Jack’s upset. So is Phyllis (who grabs her keys and marches out)

Mariah follows Marisa up to her suite – grabs a glass off a housekeeping cart and listens at the door.