Friday, August 14th

The video? Neil tells Collin to delete and forget it. Retirement fund? How do you think Jill will feel about you blackmailing Kay’s grandson?? With a sigh, Collin pulls his phone out. Neil nods.

Dylan updates Paul on his chat with Harding. He knows I have no authority – I’m not a cop. But you could be if you wanted to be, Paul surprises him.

Noah returns to CL’s – no, he hasn’t seen Kevin and they should leave it to the cops. Summer agrees; this Marco guy scares her. Marisa topples over a cup – I’m fine. Noah relays Jack startling them at the park. Weird – Summer thought he and her Mom were at the wedding. Jack said he had business to attend to. Marisa look even more worried.

Marco sits behind Victor’s desk – with a gun he looks very eager to use.

Sharon congratulates the newlyweds – she thought Neil was going to pull a stunt like Phyllis did at her wedding. As Devon leaves them to chat, Sharon notes that Hilary and Devon have no secrets that could blow up their marriage.

Devon thanks Neil – perhaps they can get back to being Father and son? Neil loves Devon – you mean the world to me.

Lily and Cane gush over the twins – as a surprise, they get their own suite to watch a movie. Great – but when’s Daddy coming home?

Paul again asks Dylan to become a cop – he could always use someone on the inside he can trust. Sharon appears to remind that the investigation is off to both of them; Paul because of his health; Dylan because he’s not a cop. Not yet, Dylan’s comment doesn’t please Sharon.

Kevin joins the gang – good you’re all here. He updates following Harding to the cabin – he’s tracing someone’s cell phone and has security watching Jack and Phyllis. It has something to do with Marco, he’s sure. Marisa looks troubled.

Back on the rooftop, Jack and Phyllis stroll as they reminisce about their wedding. Oh what Victor’s put us though. Hilary catches them kissing – love is in the air. She thanks Jack for hiring her – letting her redeem herself. Jack knew she was a good person. Jack then gets a text from Victor, on a burner phone (he’s getting even more paranoid) He wants me at his office asap.

Behind Victor’s desk, Marco’s pleased with Jack’s reply – be there soon.

Lily thought Devon was going to announce that he had a hooker in his room at his bachelor party. Devon was close – but doesn’t want to hurt Hilary. Hopefully Collin keeps his mouth shut.