Friday, August 14th

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Does anyone here have an objection to this union? If so, speak now or forever hold your peace, the Minister recites. Everyone turns. I do, there’s something I need the bride to know, Neil says.

At CL’s, Summer, Mariah and Kyle butt heads as they wonder what Kevin’s up to. Mariah badgers Snowflake to remember more.

At the cabin, Harding’s on the phone – track that cell! and put security detail on Jack Abbott and his wife. Fish – what are you doing here? I was just going to ask you the same thing, Kevin says in the doorway.

Still at the park, Marisa thanks Noah for being such a great guy ~kiss~ You’ve got company, ‘Jack’s’ appears – he’s glad to see Noah and Marisa enjoying the evening. How did you know this was Marisa? Noah’s puzzled.

Summer may have already tipped Harding off (her reaction to his ringtone) Mariah admits that she and Kevin are on his radar too. Summer hopes Harding gets reckless and tips his hand. OR, Kyle suggests – he gets desperate and kills anyone connected to the murders.

Harding’s doing his job – taking a fresh look for clues. Maybe Kevin can help – walk me through that night. Kevin does so … We all passed out – and woke up; except for Summer, she was over here, Kevin claims. I thought she was over there, Harding slips. How would you know where Summer was? Kevin scowls.

‘Jack’ knows Marisa because she came to visit him at GCM. Yes, but that was a mistake – and you were in a coma, Noah reminds. Phyllis told him (also about their chat) Nice to meet you, Marco shakes Marisa’s hand and leaves her shaken with a clueless Noah.

Back on the rooftop, Devon asks Neil not to do it – nothing you can do or say today will stop us from getting married. Neil came to make peace. He had hopes and dreams for Hilary – only ever wanted real happiness for her. So, he’s come to give a few words from his heart. Saying nice things about the bride and groom, Neil forgives them – and wishes them a lifetime of happiness.

Devon shakes Neil’s hand – then comes a hug. Neil then takes a seat with Lily. Devon and Hilary recite their vows and pronounced husband and wife. All (except Neil) applaud and smile as the newlyweds kiss.

Harding read the reports – and Kevin’s got no business playing cops and robbers (you suck at it). Why is Harding having Jack and Phyllis watched? It has nothing to do with Marco, Harding lies – stay out of my way or someone will get hurt. Kevin’s left to scowl.