Monday, August 17th

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Victor, Vikki and Nick go through yellow crime scene tape to access the office. What was a drug lord doing here? Victor’s not sure if he’s being targeted. The cops say Jack was lured here by someone pretending to Victor (but he suspects Jack’s behind it and the Paragon Project) This isn’t Jack, Nick disagrees. Vikki thinks they’re looking at it the wrong way.

At the station, Jack/Phyllis share info with Paul and Dylan. It’s a good thing Harding sent them out; Marco was waiting in the office, locked and loaded. Paul doesn’t understand why Jack, a pillar of GC society for decades, is being shot at by his partner and targeted by a drug lord. Could Marco be connected to Victor? Dylan wonders. Phyllis decides it’s time they tell Paul the truth.

At the Underground, Noah, Marisa and Mariah are discussing Marco escaping and Harding getting shot in the arm (guess we misjudged him) Mariah can’t believe they were so wrong.

At the station, Kevin apologizes to Harding (who’s arm is in a sling) He’ll make it up to him by solving these murders. Harding sees something on his computer that alarms him.

Over drinks on the rooftop, Ashley and Billy try to make sense of last night’s events. Ashley then suspects that Billy’s behind the Paragon Project. Did you set that plan in motion??? Billy looks guilty.

Sage was delighted to get an invitation to join Nikki at the club. Her future Mother in law doubts that, and with a smile in place talks about Mother’s being protective. Sage loves Nick and is thrilled to be starting a family with him. Nikki would rather talk about Sage – or rather, something she’d like to do for Sage.

Vikki and Nick wonder if Marco and Jack were involved in a deal that went South. Victor thinks Vikki doesn’t want to accept that it’s the Abbott’s; because of what that’d mean for her and Billy Boy.

Back on the rooftop, Billy explains why he’s feeling guilty – he set Vikki up (with a ‘sensitive’ file) He may have blown things up for good this time. Ashley talks about trust – Jack’s not telling us something; something big.

Yes, by all means, Paul would like the truth. So Phyllis spins a lie – Jack and Annacelli were involved in a business deal, but Jack broke things off when he found out Marco had illegal ties. Jack only picked up on the connection last week. Why didn’t you say something? Even yesterday at the wedding? You know he’s dangerous. Jack and Phyllis somehow blame Victor. That’s the price you pay for doing business with him, Paul guesses.

On the 9th anniversary of his death, Billy and Ashley wish John was around. He had a way of asking questions to make you realize you knew what the right thing to do was all along.

Paul thanks the Abbott’s and sends them home. Jack and Phyllis thank Harding on their way out. He then looks worried as Kevin goes into Paul’s office (to say he’s learned his lesson) After Paul leaves, Dylan tells Kevin that Jack did business with Annacelli. He’s pissed so lured him away from the wedding with a text supposedly from Victor. Harding joins them to grumble about Kevin looking at security footage on his computer. After Kevin huffs out, Dylan annoys Harding; he wants to walk over the crime scene – together (so he can learn from the best)

You hate Billy, Jack, all things Abbott, Vikki tells her Father. Nick’s got someone working on it who has a vested interest in ‘us’ – Dylan. Pleased to hear it, Vikki will call to congratulate him on his new job. Victor scowls – after all the time he took saving that ‘piddly’ business of his? Nick blames Victor’s tactics for that. It’ll be good to have family on the force. He’s not a Newman. But he’s Nick and Vikki’s brother. Victor orders them to drop it. Tell the police everything, Nick insists – it could catch this drug lord. Or get you killed, Victor warns.

Yes, Nikki wants to throw Sage a baby shower – and to get to know the Mother of her next grandchild. Sage takes Nikki’s hands – thank you; it means a lot. Nothing too big. It’ll be here – this is a Newman party, Nikki smiles. Delighted, Sage leaves, pausing to smile as she exits. Phyllis appears to tell Nikki that ‘ignorance is bliss’.

Back at the office, Victor refuses to get the cops any more involved. A cop was shot right here! Nick argues; it could have been one of use. Nick won’t sit back and wait. We don’t need Dad’s permission to get our brother involved. Vikki sides with her Dad, reminding Nick that he has a baby on the way. Besides, Dad has someone on the payroll looking into it. After Vikki leaves, Nick bristles about being expected to ignore what he feels is best to follow along. Harding and Dylan stroll in; the police tape was up for a reason. Victor took it down for a reason. Dylan needs to look the office over again for anything missed.