Friday, August 14th

Collin tells Hilary that the key to a happy marriage is surprises – like this one. Cane darts over to chase him away. Hilary remains clueless – he and Lily are the couple she most admires. We’re no longer a couple, Cane reminds. True love only comes around once in a lifetime, Hilary tells him to hang onto it ~hug~

Ester blubbers – Mrs C should be here. Nothing’s the same without her. Lauren and Mike are left to say that Kay’s living on in Devon – I’m gonna live until I die. Devon fought for the woman he loves, against insurmountable odds. Mike wishes he’d done the same. Lauren repeats another of Kay’s saying – it’s today that counts ~kiss~

Sharon wonders if Dylan’s considering joining the police force. We’ll talk about this later, Dylan shuts her up. And as Sharon goes to say her good bye’s, Paul again gets Dylan thinking.

The kids at CL’s bicker (about Summer’s Grandpa) Victor may figure into this, but Jack’s the one Harding’s having followed. We need to connect the dots. Did you ever hear Marco mention Jack’s name? Noah asks Marisa.

Jack and Phyllis get off the elevator. No way is she letting him meet Victor alone. Hold it, a cop arrives to say they must leave the building. There’s a dangerous criminal in the building, Harding appears. The cameras have been disabled. Marco’s here, Phyllis is sure. In Victor’s office, Marco awaits with his gun.

Marco never mentioned Jack, Marisa denies she’s nervous – she was startled by Jack at the park. Jack was at the park? Kevin’s puzzled – this isn’t the first time he’s shown up where he wasn’t supposed to be.

The cops return – the building’s been swept. Phyllis and a reluctant Jack leave Harding to enter Victor’s office. I sent Abbott away, he tells Marco. What were you going to do with his body? Fisher and his buddies are getting suspicious. The Chief has his son on my back. When it all dies down you can think about taking Jack’s place again. OK – but Marco has a plan of his own.

Now home, Dylan serves Sharon tea. But what she really wants is for him NOT to join the police force. He’s always thought about it. He bought CL’s to have roots in GC. He’ll keep it, but wants to contribute to the city and it’s people. Courtney felt the same way, Sharon reminds. Dylan’s been trained to survive, but if Sharon doesn’t want him to do this …. Sharon wants Dylan to do whatever his head and heart tell him. Just be smart and safe – come home to us. Call Paul – tell him he has a new recruit, she hands over his phone.

Back on the roof, Lily’s proud of her Dad – forgiveness is healing ~hug~ She then asks Cane if he can forgive her (as Neil did Hilary and Devon) Him needing more time is better than a ‘no’.

As Hilary and Devon kiss, Collin tells Neil that he’s a better man than him. If HIS son stole HIS wife, he’d want revenge and wouldn’t stop until he got it. Neil’s left to mull it over.

Mike tells Lauren to cancel the ‘car service’ – he’ll take her home.

All cheer as Devon and Hilary exit (Neil hears something called out that puts an odd look on his face)

Sharon and Dylan snuggle. Yes, he’s always wanted to be a cop (or a cowboy) She thinks he’ll make a sexy cop ~kiss~

In the park, Phyllis and Jack try to figure out who called the tip in (no one said the dangerous criminal matched the sketch) Victor and Marisa are the only two who know Marco’s a dead ringer for me.

Back at CL’s, Kevin goes back to Jack being seen on security cameras twice. And going from the club to the park in record time, Noah adds – but what does it mean? There’s a lot of pieces to this puzzle – Kevin’s going to have another look at the surveillance footage.

So what’s this plan? Harding asks. Marco could tell him – but decides to show him instead (then aims and fires)

Next: As much as I love Jack, there’s something he’s not telling us, Ashley assures Billy …. You get shot by your business partner, and a notorious druglord tries to do you in, Paul badgers Jack. We should just tell him the truth, Phyllis says.