Thursday, August 13th

Ending his call and admiring the rings, Devon’s smile fades as he sees Collin.

Phyllis and Mike also have a nice chat – go get your wife, she encourages her old pal. Phyllis has a not so nice chat with Sharon; who’s happy to report she’s pregnant – with Dylan’s child. Next bet option to his brother Nick, Phyllis snarks. Sharon’s happy, and Phyllis can choke on that reality.

Flashing back to Marco’s most recent threat, Harding’s surprised when Dylan shows up to say he’s helping his Dad with the investigation. You? Yes – he’s connected because of Sharon (being framed) and her son. The killer knows Sharon’s habits and about her psychological problems. That’s not Marco. Leaning close as if to confide in Harding, Dylan whispers that it’s someone on the inside.

All smile as Mattie scatters rose petals down the aisle. Devon grins as Charlie’s next with the ring cushion. The curtains part to reveal the stunning bride. As Lauren steps up to take Hilary’s huge bouquet, Devon wants to hang on a second – he has something to say to Hilary.

Before we go any further, Devon wants to tell his bride how incredibly beautiful she looks, how proud he is.

Harding doesn’t need Dylan to tell him about the case (or yet another amateur detective getting in his way) As Harding gets a call, Kevin arrives at the station. Dylan quietly warns him to back off. But as Harding strides out, Kevin clearly has no intention of leaving it alone.

Noah finds Marisa moping at the park. She wants to ‘end this’. It’s too soon after Courtney. No, you made me feel again, Noah does NOT want to lose Marisa.

At the altar, Hilary talks about all their love has overcome – past mistakes are behind us. As Dylan joins Sharon, Devon’s talking about soul mates etc. Lauren and Mike exchange a look. As Devon pledges his life to Hilary, Collin watches carefully.

At the park, Marisa admits she doesn’t want to lose Noah either ~kiss~

Back at CL’s, Summer, Kyle and Mariah worry – they know Kevin won’t say out of Harding’s way.

At the Abbott cabin, Harding gets a text – I’ve put the plan in motion. And look, there’s Kevin peeking through the window.

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