Thursday, August 13th

At CL’s, Summer plays the ring tone for Kevin, Mariah, Noah and Marisa. Harding was at the cabin – believe me!!!

Meanwhile, at the station, a worried Harding flashes back to Summer stirring as his phone went off (at the cabin)

Reminded that there’s a baby on the way, and unable to guarantee Dylan’s safety, Paul’s sorry – forget it. But no, Dylan must do this – partly to find out who framed Sharon. After Paul leaves, Dylan promises he’ll stay safe for ‘our’ family.

On the rooftop, Devon tells the twins that Hilary loved Neil – but the love he and Hilary share is forever love. Yes, happily ever after love. As Hilary appears, Cane takes the kids over to the bar. Hilary can’t wait to start spending her life with Devon.

Downstairs, Lily orders Collin to stop blackmailing Devon. Or what? he stumps her. It’s going to be a wonderful wedding. Why would Lily do anything to screw it up??

Back on the roof, Ester blathers on to Devon about what Mrs C would say to him today. Devon thinks he has an idea.

Behind a tall white curtain, Hilary thanks Lauren for helping her get ready. As they talk about Hilary’s Mom – and Mom’s making mistakes, Devon arrives really needing to speak to Hilary. Not now, he’s told by both ladies. He’s then distracted by a call – I didn’t expect to hear from you, he smiles.

Also at the wedding, Jack fishes for info on the investigation from Paul. Annacelli’s notorious for disappearing, Paul’s not sure he’ll ever be seen again.

At CL’s, the kids are all now suspicious of Harding. Dylan arrives to try steer them away from Harding – anyone could have that ring tone. There’s no proof. Let me and Paul handle it. Dylan will be in touch. The gang now notice that Marissa’s vanished.

As Lauren’s about to put the new necklace around Hilary’s neck, Lily appears – she wants to do it. They have a nice moment. Lily once saw the woman who hurt her Dad – now she sees the woman who makes her brother happy. Wishing Hilary (and Devon) the best, Lily looks worried over her shoulder.