Monday, August 17th

Mariah’s sure Marco has help on the inside. Kevin returns to Underground – he’s still picking crow out of his teeth (for accusing Harding) Relaying that Jack once did business with Annacelli, Kevin scowls – but wait – Jack and Phyllis were at the wedding together when Jack got the text – and together at NE. But Jack was alone when Noah and Marisa saw him at the park??? Marisa looks panicked.

Stressed out at the park, Jack gets a visit from John. This murdering bastard took over my life, my wife – he’s nothing like me. How could they (Phyllis) accept him as me. How did this happen? What does this say about me? What the hell am I gonna do now? Bingo (John’s pleased that Jack’s finally asked the right question)

Harding gets no more info from Victor (and reminds McAvoy that he’s only there to observe) Victor and Nick leave the ‘Detectives’ to their work. Dylan asks Harding to walk him through it – how did the shooting go down?

Kevin, Noah and Mariah continue to hash it all out (as Marisa looks nervous) Going back to Jack’s weird reappearance in the surveillance footage, Kevin feels as if the answer is right in front of him. After Sage arrives, Kevin gives Mariah a hug – he’ll figure it out. Marisa gives Noah a kiss, then goes out for ‘supplies’.

Sage updates Nick that his Mom asked her out to brunch – and is throwing her a baby shower. Nick complains about his Dad. It’s the same old thing – following his orders. I hate every minute of it. You don’t have to put up with it, Sage tells him.

Everything Jack does is for the family, Billy’s sure. Ashley wants to believe that (then disappears when she spots Vikki) Billy apologizes – he tested Vikki to prove Jack and Phyllis wrong. When we’re together, nothing else matters, Billy would resign tomorrow. All he wants is to be a good Dad – and to be with Vikki.

Jack can’t accept his wife sleeping with that man – who’s still out there somewhere. John knows that Jack did what he had to do to survive – don’t let Victor hold that over you. You’re focusing your anger on the wrong person. John then lists all Victor’s done – innocent people lost their lives – look what happened to your wife. Do I have to tell you what needs to be done? Thank you Dad. As John disappears, Victor appears – fancy meeting you here again. Jack doesn’t think it an accident at all.

Easy words – but Vikki worries about the battle raging around them. Billy bashes Victor. Vikki bashes Jack – do you really believe he’s telling you everything? I didn’t think so.

Phyllis isn’t impressed with Nikki’s sympathy – she and Jack could have been gunned down last night. If you want to blame someone, blame Jack – Victor’s just defending his family. Jack’s not behind this preemptive strike – someone else is, Phyllis claims. Ashley appears – tells us who so we can ALL know!

At the cabin, Marco leaves his frozen dinner when he hears the door. Entering, Marisa gasps as he grabs her. Marco wants Jack’s life. I deserve it and it’s going to be mine.

Back at the park, Jack taunts Victor – you and Marco must be crushed (that he wasn’t killed last night) Victor denies all – he’s only working with Jack (who’s having none of it and claims he’s going to end this madness NOW)

Dylan has Harding reenact what transpired last night. The shooter was standing over there. Flashback to Marco shooting – then telling Harding that he just saved his life and made him a hero. Tell them you were ambushed when you were trying to catch me…. It was dark, Harding didn’t get a good look at his shooter. He shot me and took off. Yeah, Dylan does have one more question – why didn’t you go after the shooter?