Monday, August 17th

Nick confides in Sage – he wants to ‘work with Dylan’ on this investigation but his Dad disagrees; says he’s not a Newman. He’s threatened by Dylan and I getting closer.

This isn’t Afghanistan or the Wild West – Harding couldn’t risk shooting some bean counter who looked up from his desk. Dylan has a lot to learn – needs a different mindset to be a cop.

Noah’s nervous – Marisa kissed him like it was the last time he’d see her – like she’d disappear from his life as quickly as she showed up.

At the cabin, Marisa tries to convince Marco to take his money and leave. This cushy life isn’t for him. She knows something he wants more. And what would that be? She kisses him.

Who’s behind this plot against Victor!? Ashley barks at Phyllis. Nikki thinks it obvious – Phyllis is (she and Jack will do anything to bring Victor down) Victor unleashed that monster on ALL of us, Phyllis snarls. What are you talking about??? Ask your husband, Phyllis replies.

Jack’s not going to contain the problem, he’s going to end it – do what he should have done a long time ago – so no one else gets killed. Like all those innocent people on the boat? Victor asks. No longer worried, Jack’s calling the police. You’ll be extradited to jail – if I wanted to be rid of you I’d make that call myself, Victor claims. Jack bites his lip.

Next: Ashley confronts Phyllis – I’m a part of this company and this family. You know something and you’re going to tell me! … Who’s behind the Paragon Project? Is it Ashley? Billy? Vikki questions Victor …. As Ashley and Phyllis hover in Victor’s office, Jack gets a call from Marisa – come to your family’s cabin.

My Thoughts: Oh the nepotism – Dylan’s not only already on the force, he’s somehow moved his way to the top of the force. No cadet training. No physical or psychological testing. No arms testing. No classroom time reading over policy and procedures. I guess we’re supposed to forget that just last year, Dylan was flinching at the sound of a tray clattering to the ground. Shouldn’t someone see how he reacts to actual gunfire? … Why is Jack worried about being charged for Kelly’s death? She’d already been ID’d at the morgue. Victor would sound like a complete lunatic – or have to reveal his role in it. What will it take for Vikki to take her head out of her Father’s ass? Her Daddy issues are epic … Besides stroll around in a suit, what exactly is Nick’s role at Newman-Abbott? …. The look on Sharon’s face when she finds out that Nikki’s throwing Sage a baby shower should be interesting … If Nikki’s so solidly back on team-Victor, why doesn’t she move back into the ranch instead of squandering money on a suite? … Marco must be using his cloak of invisibility. Not one person saw him leaving the executive floors of NE? What about all the security Victor’s hired?