Tuesday, August 18th

You drove us into a lake to get away with me, Marco reminds (did Marisa really think he was going to kill her?) Marisa’s sorry – when she thought he drowned a part of her died. If you don’t want me FINE. Marco taunts her about Noah; you’ve gone from a man to a boy. Jealous? Marisa teases as she downplays her relationship with Noah. She doesn’t want to lose Marco again.

Ashley, Nikki and Phyllis march into the office wondering why Jack and Victor are shaking hands. Vikki arrives to wonder too. Jack announces that the merger has been dissolved. Yes, it’s over with. Why wasn’t anyone consulted? The four women are stunned and unimpressed (which baffles Victor – he thought they’d be pleased)

The ladies take turns scolding Jack and Victor – have the numbers been run on this dissolution? We’re just expected to nod our heads and go along? Again they find out AFTER the fact. Victor will take Vikki and Nikki out for lunch to explain while Jack’s left to handle Phyllis and Ashley (who wants to know what really happened) Jack’s attempt at humour falls flat. No one trusts Victor’s word – he wouldn’t give up his new toy willingly. HOW did you force his hand? Ashley wants to know.

Is it that bitch Phyllis? Marisa’s sounds jealous. She belongs to Marco – he owes her a future. I’ve waited too long. But you didn’t wait, Marco points out. Buttons are undone as Marco then grabs her for a passionate kiss.

Back on the rooftop, Lily wants Cane, but not in a fake marriage. She wants to be an examples of true love for the twins. Cane can’t offer that – you slept with another man. Lily reminds Cane of his lies – we started over. Cane’s grateful, but still can’t forget her cheating.

Hilary and Devon continue to cuddle in bed. Next? A walk on the beach – tennis – to be a normal couple. Hilary wants a white picket fence – kids and grandkids. The life they talked about ~kiss~ Devon suddenly decides they need to get out of bed – he’s planned a surprise.

Lily loves and misses Cane; wants a happy life with him – not one that’s for show. Cane doesn’t want another apology. Lily leans in and they kiss. I miss you so much, she whispers. The twins run up to state the obvious; Mommy and Daddy are kissing again!

Hilary and Devon are enjoying a helicopter ride; oh what a view. He’s a bird, she’s an angel (this is getting painful folks)

Victor’s interrogated by Nikki and Vikki – what’s the real reason he gave back what he’s always coveted; Jabot?

Back at NE, Ashley badgers Jack (and does Phyllis believe this crap?) Phyllis avoids answering; she’s just glad it’s over. A hand written contract, Ashley scoffs. Jack’s seen enough of Victor’s face, and is sure he’s seen enough of mine.

Marco awakens tied to a bed. You’re disgusting, Marisa sneers – how does it feel? Trapped with no way out. But the revenge is not for her – that honour belongs to Jack (whose chat with Ashley is interrupted by her call) Come to your family’s cabin – there’s a package here – all tied up and ready for you.

Hilary helps Devon back to the bed – seems he’s suffering from motion sickness. My poor baby, Hilary coos. The last few days must be catching up with Devon. He sends Hilary off for a planned hike while he rests.

Victor’s arrangement with Jack wasn’t one of friendship or good business. The merger was a pre-preemptive strike. But he now knows that Jack wasn’t instigating the plot against him – it’s likely another Abbott (Victor doesn’t know which one)

Jack must go see the legal team regarding the dissolution. That leaves Ashley to butt heads with Phyllis – you know something and you’re going to tell me!

The Ashby’s seem to be back on track as they plan a fun day. Lily’s pleased when Cane asks her to come back home – to stay. Yes, for the kids. But also for ‘us’. Both think they can ‘get there’ ~hug~

As Devon naps in the suite, Hilary’s surprised to bump into Neil on her mountain hike. He’s not nearly as surprised.