Tuesday, August 18th

Still in Victor’s office, Phyllis claims to have no idea why Jack and Victor dissolved the merger – but she’s glad it’s over. Ashley again wonders about the monster Victor unleashed. Does this have to do with Jabot? What’s going on? We’re all in danger, every one of us, is all Phyllis will say.

Marisa’s not afraid of Marco – not anymore. Jack arrives – thanks, just what I wanted, he tells Marisa. Run before I get you! Marco’s spitting mad as he struggles against his restraints. You’re panicking Marco, Jack stays calm. You should be – now your fate is in MY hands!

Next: I remember! I did see someone at the cabin the night of the murders. I saw Harding! Summer tells Mariah and Kevin … You seem pretty anxious for us to catch Marco – it wouldn’t be because you were doing business with him too right? Dylan questions Harding … Jack smashes a bottle against the mantel, then comes at Marco with the jagged glass. Go ahead! Do it! Marco shouts.

My Thoughts: The universe threw us a world of hurt and look what we did with it, Devon says with (almost) a straight face. … Why would Sofia call Lily and Cane for back up with Moses? I’m sure she’s handling things just fine on her own. The Ashby’s barely have time for their own kids, never mind their nephew … Is Lily going to ask Cane for forgiveness every day? How annoying – how about now? Now? Now? OK – how about now? Forgive me yet?????? Poor babies??? No kid grows up unscathed by divorce (except Fen) … Oh when will this ridiculous doppelganger storyline end? Does anyone remember that Marco initially had a Spanish accent? An accent that Jack tried to imitate when Marco’s thug came to kill him and Marisa? … Anyone with a shred of business sense would dump their shares in Newman Abbott. Surely there are more stable businesses to invest in. Whatever happened to Vikki’s silly subscription give-away idea? Is no one wondering where Chelsea and her fall line are? Who will clothe the women and men of GC? And let’s not forget the children’s line!! … Devon and Hilary are enough to turn anyone off marriage completely. Of course Neil would turn up on the side of a mountain to bump into his ex/daughter in law. If we’re lucky, the mountain is really an active volcano … Cane sure did a 180. I guess it’ll be easier to forgive Lily since Joe Clark seems to have vanished into thin air… Someone needs to tell Victor that a preemptive strike is another name for an offensive attack (an unwarranted one) Why hasn’t anyone considered that Victor’s losing his mind – again (check the drawer for paper snowflakes) …. So Victor is only a ‘trigger’ for Nikki at the ranch – not at a BAR. Her alcoholism is as selective as her MS…. Uh Lily, your boss is off on his honeymoon and presumably left you in charge of his club. How can you go on a spur of the minute vacation with your Dad? … How exactly did Marisa overpower Marco long enough to tie him up?