Thursday, August 20th

At the station, Noah and Kevin listen in to Dylan and Harding. Someone else was pulling the strings, Dylan knows – put the gun down. Sharon arrives flanked by Mariah and Summer. She insists on watching the altercation. Harding aims his gun at Dylan – you have no idea what it takes to be a cop; putting your life on the line for salary that barely pays the rent. No, Harding wasn’t paid to kill anyone – he was paid to keep secrets. Paul storms in – drop the gun Harding!!!

You say we were intimate like there was a mutual understanding. But there wasn’t and you know it. The Phyllis you assaulted on her wedding night is gone. What you did to that woman…. That woman would slit your throat from ear to ear. I won’t give you that satisfaction. Phyllis backs off and drops the knife. Jack walks in to pick it up – it won’t stop me. Jack don’t! Marisa says.

You sure? It was a positive ID? The officer hangs up to say a witness saw Hilary arguing with a man on the summit. Let’s find him! Devon says. Wait – you think it’s me?

It’s not worth it, Marisa says. Don’t sacrifice your life, Phyllis tells Jack not to stoop to his level – put the knife down. Victor arrives – you made the right choice Jack.

If you take another step I’ll shoot your son, Harding says. Paul claims they can salvage that. With three people dead? No way. As the crowd watches in horror at the station, Paul offers to lower his gun. As Dylan charges Harding, a shot goes off. Sharon’s in hysterics as she watches – Dylan!

Next: Abby tells Ben – since I am safe I don’t need a bodyguard anymore … Marco tells Victor – Those people are dead because your plan had to be protected at all costs. Don’t you lay the blame at my feet, Victor scowls. That’s exactly where it belongs, Jack says.

My Thoughts: Having an international drug lord and FBI’s top wanted man tied to a pull out couch, why isn’t the door to the Abbott cabin locked? Why haven’t the FBI or cops been called already? I’d suggest someone carve a scar into Marco’s face, so at least he can’t be mistaken for Jack again, but with complete face copies being done all the time, a little scar won’t be hard to remove … Harding was trying to ‘toughen’ Courtney up? By hitting her with a poker? …. Odd that there’s no one at the station besides Kevin and Noah – shouldn’t there be someone at the front intake desk at all times? .. What was Noah thinking going after Harding? Dylan says – then immediately goes after Harding himself…. There’s a lot of forgiveness going around – Summer’s the most forgiving. She’s completely over Abby cheating with her husband – and she’s over everything Sharon put her through…. Why do the police have cameras installed on private property? (Devon’s rooftop) And knowing that, why would Harding go there? Or, are we expected to believe that Kevin was able to hack into the GCAC camera system? Once again, guns are drawn at the club – I guess Devon will have to redecorate it – again – maybe have another fashion show to boost public opinion of the crime riddled club … Surely there’s camera’s at the resort Devon’s staying at – he is a billionaire after all. It’ll be easy to prove he was in his room most of the day…. ‘Crazy dame’ Victor? That’s pretty politically incorrect and misogynist. Why can’t someone just hit HIM over the head with a book end??? … Marisa and Phyllis both seemed so eager to watch Marco die a slow death – yet when Jack had the knife in his hand, they said he wasn’t worth it – his conscience couldn’t handle it. Can’t they just coat him in peanut butter and leave him for the bears???