Friday, August 21st

At the station, Kevin, Noah, Summer, Sharon and Mariah follow the action on a computer monitor – as, on the rooftop, Paul and Dylan try to talk Harding into dropping his gun. As Paul lowers his gun, Dylan takes Harding down. Paul fires. As Harding lays shot, gasping and bleeding, Dylan asks who he’s working for.

At the cabin, Victor and Jack disagree on whether his conscious would allow him to murder Marco. Victor will take it from here. Oh no, Jack’s not done yet – he wants to know who Marco’s working with. Marco scoffs that he’s the mastermind of this diabolical plan – he wasn’t working alone. Marisa and Phyllis also intently listen.

Over dinner at the club, Ben seems pretty disinterested in food or Abby. Long day at the hospital, he stifles a yawn. Instead of heading to their suite, he suggests a nightcap on the rooftop.

A panicked Sharon ‘can’t see the screen’. Kevin taps on the keyboard and calls out play by play – Dylan’s OK, Paul’s OK – Harding’s down, he’s been hit. Noah’s glad – it’s justice for Austin and Courtney.

‘The cabin…’, Harding gasps. Did Marco hire you? Dylan grills him. No. Paul’s got the MT’s on their way. Stay with us, Dylan shouts at Harding.

What’s happening now!? Sharon asks. Kevin can’t see past a ‘blind spot’. He and Noah rush out – they’ll call the girls to update. Only boys can go? What are we waiting for? they file out (Sharon pausing to grab her belly and exhale)

Abby and Ben walk out onto the rooftop scene. Abby’s sent back inside, while Dr Rayburn’s put to work. Aside, Paul thanks Dylan (for doing something stupid) Hearing Harding was on the phone trying to get a passport, Paul will have the call traced – maybe it’ll lead to Annacelli.

Back at the cabin, Victor denies he’d do anything to hurt his grandchildren. Marco’s sure no one in the room believes Victor isn’t behind bringing him to town to replace his rival. You decided to play by your own rules, Victor mumbles. Marco didn’t kill those kids – Harding did. Jack and Phyllis are aghast. Did you know your partner had a dirty cop on the payroll? Jack scowls at Victor. Absolutely not, he assures. Marco hired Harding to tie up loose ends (the kids who had proof there was two Jack’s) It was all Harding – but they’re dead because Victor’s secret had to be kept at all costs. Don’t lay that at my feet, Victor growls. That’s exactly where it belongs, Jack says.

This wouldn’t be the first time you brought someone to town to wreak havoc on me that caused collateral damage – this time you caused three deaths! Jack rants at Victor. OK, so I’m a big, bad, devil, Marco crows – but you can’t take me to the cops (without revealing your own crimes) Victor has a very fitting end in mind for Marco.

Ben tells Paul and Dylan that it’s too late – Harding’s dead. Paul had to shoot him – he couldn’t lose his son.

Ben now joins Abby, Kevin and Noah downstairs. Hey – what’s Sharon, Mariah and Summer doing here?? We deserve to be part of this, they chirp. As Dylan comes down to hug Sharon, Ben updates that Harding’s dead. Dylan says he died before actually confessing – but believes he killed Austin, Courtney and Tobias. Ben’s again withdrawn when Abby makes it about herself (she kissed a murderer on New Year’s) As Sharon chats with Noah and Summer, hoping they have closure, Kevin puzzles with Mariah – he still doesn’t get what Annacelli has to do with it.

What will Victor do with Marco?? Send him straight to hell.