Thursday, August 20th

Marisa knows Marco would kill her if he had the chance. An hour ago you were dying to get back to Phyllis. Marco can see she’s jealous – he’s the only man who’s gotten into her heart. Let me take you somewhere safe – where I can show you how much I love you. Marisa pretends to untie him, then spits in his face – she’ll enjoy watching Jack kill him. So will I, Phyllis marches in.

Search and rescue are looking for Hilary – Devon needs to answer some questions (since he was the last one to see her before she ‘went missing’)

Chris points out that the evidence may be deemed admissible if collected by a civilian. This could cost us the case. Paul understands – but trusts Dylan. Paul then then gets a call from Dylan who insists he drop everything and get a warrant to arrest Harding. He was just here, complaining about Noah. Paul’s then told that a witness can place him at the cabin. He’s gonna run. Stay at the station – Paul will be right there (Chris too)

Dylan updates Kevin and Noah that Harding went to Paul. Kevin then finds Harding on one of the city’s many cameras – on the club’s roofdeck. Dylan doesn’t want Paul called – and no one else can be trusted. Dylan will handle this (and runs off to do so)

Back at NE, Victor sees no need to resort to violence – Marco can be sent back to Peruvian jail. Jack’s not sure he’ll stay there – you worked with him after you knew what he’d done. The only way to get rid of Marco for good is to end this tonight. Make the call!!!

Marco pretends to be Jack – untie me Red. Phyllis ain’t buyin’ (and she’s pissed) Marco hopes to work something out. Nope, Phyllis returns to duct tape his mouth shut. Feel what it’s like to be on the other end!! What should we do with him? Marisa asks Phyllis.

Marisa tells Marco that she once loved him – would have done anything for him. But now she knows he used her – then decided to put her down like a dog. You took over another man’s life. What you did to Phyllis was worse – she was completely in the dark. You took away her power, her choice. If I were her, I’d do the same thing to you. Phyllis like that – an eye for an eye (and with knife in hand she looks at his crotch)

Dylan’s going to get himself killed, Sharon must go after him. It’s too dangerous – what can you do? Mariah argues – you’ll be a liability. OK – maybe Sharon can call him and talk some sense into him. She leaves a message – please stop – turn around – Harding’s dangerous and has nothing to lose – we do. We’re so close to having everything. The baby and I love you. Sharon knows that Dylan will see this through to the end. As Sharon runs out, Summer and Mariah follow to stop her.

At the station, Chris scolds Kevin and Noah for taking matters into their own hands. She’s then called away. Paul promises he’ll be careful, but as soon as she leaves asks Kevin and Noah – where’s my son???

On the roofdeck, Harding’s on his phone – where the hell are you? I need that passport asap – get here now! Planning a trip? Dylan appears.

Devon tells the officer that he felt sick after a helicopter ride – he sent his wife on the hike alone (thinking there’d be a guide) Then Devon felt better and decided to join his wife. The owner of the guide company told him to come back and wait for her. NO – they didn’t have an argument. I’m the one who called you! Can you just please find her!?