Friday, August 21st

Still at the cabin, Jack scoffs at the idea that he’ll let Victor get away with all this – I’m calling the authorities! Victor reminds Jack that he killed Kelly in her sleep – and the crew members. Jack knows those charges won’t stick. Victor’s not so sure – you’ll be extradited. Jack will take his chances. As he’s about to call Paul, Phyllis steps up – I can’t lose you again. She may never forgive Victor, but don’t throw our future away to get back at him – please.

Jenna’s now allowing more calls and video chats, but no, it’s not the same as seeing Max. Abby suggests a trip to Australia – let’s go pack. Ben just got his job back. No, not to Australia, Abby wants Ben to move into her place.

Summer’s return ends Marisa’s stammering of where she was. As Kevin rolls his eyes some more, she’s surprised to hear that Harding’s dead. Hearing Marco’s still out there, Marisa assures he won’t be a problem anymore. How do you know that? I just do.

As Jack and Phyllis debate whether to call Paul, Victor gets a text ‘it is done’. Jack has a concern – who’s to say Marco won’t escape again? Victor’s taken measures – we’ll be able to identify him. On the helicopter, Marco wears a bandage where his right ear was.

Back at the station, Chris chides Paul for spending his leave on the job, but won’t oppose him. Dylan will make a good cop. It’ll be good to have someone else around who loves you.

Dylan gets on bended knee to propose – Sharon, I want to marry you. Will you be my wife? Sharon’s stunned. Tears of joy? Dylan hopes. Yes, yes, Sharon will marry him ~kiss~

Next: Did you ever come across a man named Marco Annacelli? Paul questions Victor … Devon whines to Mike and Lily – They had me in a police line up. They think Hilary could be dead and that I’m responsible for it … On the rooftop (probably for Sage’s baby shower) Noah and Sharon mention that she’s now engaged. Nikki, Nick and Sage all look stunned.

My Thoughts: Of course Sharon’s not going to tell Dylan that she lost the baby. But let’s hope whatever scam she’s about to pull isn’t blamed on her not taking her meds, because this predictable lie of omission aside, Sharon’s been as stable as we’ve seen her in years. Very odd that the doctor would just leave Sharon to cry alone – not even asking her if someone’s coming to pick her up. And why make it sound like Sharon can just go home and get pregnant again. I found this on the first relevant Google page I searched; “After 45, experts say, it’s almost impossible to get pregnant using your own eggs”. Of course, it’s very unlikely that Sharon’s going to bother with infertility treatment; not when Sage is incubating a perfectly good baby, who’ll be the perfect age. Why she’d do this, knowing the pain she experienced when Faith was stolen from her and gifted to Ashley, is beyond me (other than the obvious – the writers aren’t done decimating Sharon’s character) Dylan will be duped by Sharon just as easily as he was by Chelsea … Weird that Kevin and the other four are at the police station, making a huge ruckus about what’s going on at the club; the Chief and lead Detective both pulling guns – and there’s no cops at the station to even show any interest. The club’s staff are, as usual, completely disinterested in (or oblivious to) crimes occurring around them; the same waiter always wanders around in the background bussing tables. Who else doesn’t give a rats ass? The reporters who are so eager to stick a microphone in someone’s face when it’s a gossip story.