Monday, August 24th

At home, Sharon flashes back to the doctor assuring her that she can conceive again. Wiping away tears, she then delights Faith with the news that she and Dylan are getting married.

While Dylan’s stunning Paul with the news that he won’t be joining the force, Mariah’s asking Kevin to leave work to attend Sage’s baby shower. At first refusing, he quickly changes his mind when it’s classified as a date.

So the guy who was supposed to be protecting you was behind Courtney and Austin’s murders!? At Underground, an updated Nick and Sage are assured that Noah and Summer won’t skip the baby shower. Newman events are never boring or calm, they tease. What am I supposed to be scared of? Sage jokes too. I guess that’s supposed to be me, Victor arrives with a gift.

At the club, Nikki welcomes Neil back from Banff (the pictures he sent were beautiful) He enjoyed the change of scenery – time away was productive – he got the closure he needs.

Mike and Lily are let into Devon’s suite. They had me in a police line up, he sputters – Hilary’s missing and they think I’m responsible!

The roofdeck is all decked out for the baby shower. Kyle joins Vikki in teasing Abby (both practicing diapering dolls) The three chat about the murders being solved and the merger dissolved. Now Abby just has to figure out where to report to work. That’s easy – Vikki says Nemwan as Kyle says Jabot.

Summer runs to her hug her Grandpa – he’s a softie for babies, all agree. Sage is delighted; she likes to be part of a family. Victor declares the Newman’s a complex bunch – but in the end, family is who you turn to for help. Victor can’t attend the shower – he’s off to talk to Paul. Sage opens the gift; stocks – a Newman tradition and Nick’s old toy car Victor saved. Welcome to the family, his face cracks into a grimace he passes off as a smile.

Paul understands that Sharon will be worried – perhaps Dylan can join the force when his kid’s older. He’s not disappointed – and basically can’t wait to be a grandpa.

Faith reminds Sharon that Sage’s baby shower is today – she can’t wait til her Mom’s baby is here.

At the club, Cane and Lauren discuss what’s going on with Devon, then approach Neil’s table with news from the Virgin Islands; Hilary’s missing and they think…. This can’t happen to Hilary after all she’s been through, Neil looks guilty as hell.

Hilary’s probably lost or hurt, or worse – people heard arguing and a woman scream – some psycho grabbed her! Devon panics. My wife needs me! Mike will go see what evidence the cops have and explain that Devon’s a devoted husband worried about his wife. Mike will do his job – Devon must do his – stay calm. After Mike leaves, Lily asks Devon if Hilary ran off – did she find out about the hooker? Do you think she ran off or that I killed her!? Devon’s pissed.

One night with a hooker (maybe) and I’m a murderer?! Devon shouts. Lily shushes him – there’s a guard outside! She reminds of all Hilary’s done – what exactly happened? Devon claims it was the perfect day – we were starting our life together.

On the mountain, Mike tells a cop that Devon and Hilary were soulmates; in love and completely committed. No one knows what goes on inside a marriage, the cops silences Mike.

Devon tells Lily that he sent Hilary off on the hike alone – they’d meet in the bath later. I love you, she’d said. I never should have let her go alone, Devon sighs.

The cops thinks it strange that the honeymooners parted ways. Devon wasn’t feeling well, he encouraged his wife to take the guided hike, Mike claims. There’s one piece of evidence you haven’t heard, the cop has Mike’s attention.