Friday, August 21st

No more threats over my head – Abby feels like celebrating. Ben doesn’t seem to feel the same way. Abby realizes she doesn’t need a bodyguard – they only moved in together to keep her safe. Ben didn’t mind being ‘holed up together’. Abby’s going home, to her house now – alone.

Back at CL’s, Noah, Summer and a still dissatisfied Kevin go over the whole scenario. Mariah joins Sharon on the patio. She’s having a bit of cramping – and yes, will have it checked out. No need to go now. Sharon sends Mariah to put her paperwork away.

At the station, Chris understands that tonight’s events remind Paul of Ricky. Forgive yourself, she says. When Dylan arrives, she leaves them to chat (saying he’ll be a good cop) Harding’s dead, but this is far from over, Dylan tells Paul.

Death would be too good for you, Victor tells Marco he’s going back to prison in Peru. Two thugs arrive and are ordered to take Marco to Victor’s helicopter, then to his jet – and back to prison in Peru (shoot him if there’s any trouble) Marco promises he’ll be back. After he’s gone, Jack and Phyllis thank Marisa. Not Victor; he’s angry at her – you lied to me! Never lie to me!

At the bar, Abby explains that she no longer needs Ben to keep her safe. She wants to feel that HE needs HER too. She can’t break through Ben’s walls – he won’t share his feelings. Abby doesn’t need to be taken care of – she’d rather BE alone than with Ben (and alone) I’ll go pack. Abby, wait, Ben stops her.

Jack owes Marisa – she was a victim of Marco’s too. Let’s give her a chance to start over. Don’t reveal any of this, Victor warns Marisa – not a word – keep your mouth shut and you’ll be alright, if you don’t …..

The gang at CL’s continue to go over the ‘coincidences’ – IE Marisa disappearing, and what Austin recorded that Harding was so desperate to keep secret. We may never know, but we’re safe – case closed (though Kevin’s still frowning)

In Paul’s office, Dylan still wonders what secret Harding was protecting. He’d like to help ‘go over everything’. But both should get some rest first. Paul reiterates what Chris said – Dylan will make a great cop. You’ll get your badge in no time. Paul’s so proud that they’ll be working side by side.

Sharon’s at the hospital with her doctor – sorry for your loss, but there’s no reason you can’t conceive again. Sharon’s left alone to cry.

A devastated Sharon comes home to an apologetic Dylan; who assumes her mood is because he jeopardized ‘our and the baby’s’ future. He has so much to lose right now and won’t risk the one thing he’s always wanted; a family of his own. He won’t join the force after all. But you were so passionate about it, Sharon points out. Yes, but Dylan’s going to be a Dad – it doesn’t get more important than that.

Ben sits Abby down at the bar. She notes that he was more open with Vikki and her Mom. He’s lost so many people; his parents, his sister – guys he fought beside. His ex took his son to the other side of the planet. Today he had a video chat with Max; heard about his exes new boyfriend. Ben’s anger scares him, but the thought of losing Abby terrifies him. He just needs to figure out how to start opening up. You just did, Abby gives him a hug.

Back at CL’s, Summer steps aside to call Kyle. Noah tells Kevin to give it a rest – let it be over. Mariah defends him – Kev’s the reason we aren’t still in danger. But he feels a piece is still missing. He rolls his eyes as Marisa arrives to hug Noah.