Tuesday, August 25th

In the Paris apartment, Chelsea (Connor on her hip) is alarmed to be introduced to the realtor Adam’s just put in an offer on a house with – it’s a surprise. The homeowner wants to meet him before the sale is finalized. After the realtor leaves, Adam knows Chelsea’s still pissed that he didn’t tell her Jack wanted him back in GC (and that he’s bought a house)

Seated at the club, Summer wonders what made Harding snap – and what did Marco Annacelli have to do with it? Despite Phyllis’ attempts to distract her, Summer knows there’s more to the story.

Billy, Vikki, Kyle, Ashley and Abby have been gathered in Victor’s office (along with Jack) to officially announce that the merger has been dissolved. Jabot and NE will be separate – each family will walk away with everything they had before the merger. Uh, not quite everything (Victor’s addendum stuns Jack)

At CL’s, Sharon calls her doctor – how soon can she start trying to get pregnant again? That long? Dylan pokes his head out – hearing all’s well, he’s relieved – I don’t know what I’d do if anything happened to you or the baby ~hug~

At Underground, Noah worries about his Mom; a few years ago she freaked out at the thought of someone else having a baby with his Dad. You think that might happen again? Marisa wonders. Nick’s off to a family meeting. Sage thinks it sweet of his family to throw them a shower – imagine what a huge deal they’re going to make of our wedding. Nick suggests not giving them a chance. Let’s rethink things.

No skydiving – Nick wants to keep it simple – you, me, my kids. Perfect, Sage agrees. Let’s do it tonight, Nick lists why it makes sense. Yes, Sage is in ~kiss~ Noah returns – what’s going on lovebirds? Noah’s surprised to hear they’re getting married at sunset – at Chancellor Park. He’ll tell Mom (so Faith doesn’t spring it on her) After Sage leaves, Noah again worries to Marisa about his Mom.

Still at the club, Summer gets a text – Dad’s getting married tonight. Phyllis is skeptical, but wants Nick to be happy – maybe he’s right not to wait. You never know what life will throw at you.

Chelsea and Adam have yet another disagreement about him lying. He loves her and Connor – we can have the family we always wanted. Don’t you want it as badly as I do? Call the agent – we need to convince the homeowner, Chelsea caves in. Both then gush over Connor.

What can’t Jabot have that it had before? Victor wants Abby at NE. Ashley opposes. I’m right here, Abby chimes in. As all weigh in, Victor puts Abby on the spot – who do you want to work for?

Nick arrives – what’d I miss? Your Father’s powerplay, Jack gripes. When Abby decides to work at Newman, the Abbott’s assure her that it’s OK – they still love her too. No hard feelings. One more thing – Chelsea’s fashion line is to continue under the Newman umbrella. Jabot discovered her – but Vikki’s been running the division for months. Nick decides to let Chelsea decide. Victor repeats his demand – it’s as simple as that.

Adam and Chelsea charm the homeowner – they can feel the love and laughter that filled this home for years – our son, Connor will love it here. The woman’s husband passed away recently, her heart is full of memories. The house is magical – you’ll be as happy as we were, the widow is happy to sell her home to them.