Tuesday, August 25th

Sage arrives at the club to hope Summer can make it to the wedding later. Phyllis tells her not to worry about Nick’s parents not being invited. They’ll be fine, Summer agrees. Sage agrees – she won’t let anything ruin this night.

Noah’s at CL’s to update Sharon that Sage and Dad are getting married tonight. Oh – are you here to invite me? No….. Sharon’s irritated – OH, you thought I’d freak out? My head would explode? I’d try stop the wedding? as Marisa and Dylan watch on, Sharon rants – I’m taking my med. Stop waiting for me to do something crazy – I’m not crazy!

Jack insists that Chelsea stays where she belongs – end of meeting. Victor points out that Chelsea’s a Newman, it’s Connor’s legacy. Billy claims that he’s the only Father Connor’s known. But he’s Adam’s son, Victor reminds. Neither of you deserve him, Billy concludes. The Abbott’s leaving, Jack hisses at Victor – the last thing Adam would want is you in Connor’s life.

As Adam and Chelsea accept the keys to their new home, Victor blathers on to his family – Abby’s a Newman – and Victor will celebrate tonight with all his children. Nick can’t – he’s getting married tonight – very small, just my kids. No, Nick hasn’t told Mom (can’t Vikki do that?) After hugs, Nick leaves.

On the patio, Dylan tells Noah that Sharon’s tired of people expecting her to implode. But Dad moving on has triggered her in the past. Dylan thinks Sharon’s overreaction today has to do with the pregnancy being hard on her. He’ll keep an eye on her. Inside, Sharon hopes her ‘disorder’ hasn’t scared Marisa off. No – Marisa credits her with raising such a wonderful son. Sharon’s all smiles as she says bye to Noah and Marisa. Well, back to work, she concludes. Not yet, Dylan stops her.

Adam and Chelsea toast with champagne – and kiss – and waste no time getting busy in their new home.

At home, Dylan gives Sharon a massage – I love you ~kiss~ But she pulls away when Dylan wants more – I’m just tired, she apologizes.

At the park, Noah’s distracted. Your Mom will be OK, Marisa’s sure – she has Dylan. You did expect her to freak out and she didn’t. Stop worrying about her. OK, Noah will focus on wedding plans. Now where should they stand? They take the spots – it’ll be so romantic. Yes, Noah can picture it – he has the most beautiful view of the park right here ~kiss~

Kyle joins Summer at Underground; grumbling about Victor trying to cheat his family. Nick was cool, tried to keep the peace. Nick failed, but has a wedding to get to. He needs someone to perform the ceremony. Kyle can. Huh?! Yeah – he’s an ordained Minister. You’re hired. It’s like the universe is telling us this is exactly how we’re supposed to get married.

Jack’s now seated with Phyllis at the club. He’s got Jabot free and clear, but without Abby and maybe Chelsea. Phyllis thinks that great – it’s time to let the feud with Victor go. Jack agrees – all he’s been through has drained him. He doesn’t want to fight anymore. And maybe it’s time for him to back away from Jabot for a while.

On the rooftop, Abby wonders if her Mom thinks she made the wrong choice. Ashley loves Abby, just wants her to be happy – she’d be treated better at Jabot. Victor will pit you against Vikki. Be careful. Abby will (then hurries off to pack) Ashley hints about moving back in with her – she feels like a 5th wheel at Jack’s. You might feel that way at mine too, Abby announces that Ben’s moving in with her.

Back at NE, Vikki wonders if Victor’s disappointed that he wasn’t invited to Nick’s wedding – and is he OK with him marrying Sage? Victor is. And yes, he’ll fight the Abbott’s for Chelsea’s designs (Vikki knows they’ll come at them with everything they have)

Chelsea and Adam are naked in their new bed. She never wants to go back to GC. Uh oh. The phone rings. Billy? He’s sorry to interrupt (then updates her on the merger being dissolved. The bad news? Victor’s trying to claim your fashion line as part of the deal) He can’t do that! Chelsea yelps. Come back and tell him that yourself, Billy requests.

Back at the club, Jack says he’s thinking of handing the reigns to Ashley for a while (to focus on what’s important) Phyllis doesn’t expect Jack to give up his job for her – she knows he won’t be happy without Jabot. Share the responsibilities – make Ashley co CEO. OK, Jack agrees, but Phyllis is his priority from now on.