Tuesday, August 25th

Now dressed, Adam tells Chelsea to fight for her label – you can’t hand it over to Victor.

Vikki isn’t sure Chelsea will be back – she and ‘Gabe’ are starting a new life in Paris. Victor knows that ‘Gabe’ will tell her to come back and fight (so he’ll have his company and his grandson back)

Nick’s got the checklist completed. Sage would like a photographer take their picture. Noah – but Nick wants the first honour (and takes a selfie)

Sharon naps, dreaming that Dylan’s feeding their baby. You’ll be a wonderful Father she smiles. Dylan’s holding an empty blanket. What’s going on? What happened to the baby!!?? It’s OK, just a bad dream, Dylan reassures Sharon when she wakes up startled.

Next: Want me to have my people get a lawyer for Devon and look for Hilary? Victor asks. I don’t think that’s a good idea, Neil says. You want Hilary to be found don’t you? Nikki poses … We’re gathered here today – to witness the marriage of Nick Newman and Sage Warner.

My Thoughts: Sorry – no time today! I’m in a scramble to clean out Mom’s place before a new tenant moves in on Sept 1st… Thanks for the donations thus far!! I’ll be posting names tomorrow (last initials only or board usernames – no complete surnames)


The Universe is conspiring against me. It may sound like a silly soap cliche, but it’s also a pretty good description of how I felt this month; when I lost my Mom and my beloved website at the same time. I was powerless to save either, and as defeated as I’ve ever felt.

That’s when I got a text from our resident tech guru Lyndsay, and in what I can only describe as a ‘Jesus take the wheel’ moment, she asked me to put everything in her hands – and onto her shoulders. So, I threw up my hands and let her run with it. Lyndsay worked tirelessly to restore the site and move it to a stable home (which is not as quick or as easy as it sounds)

Lyndsay didn’t ask for compensation, but she sure does deserve it (and quite honestly, could use it) As such, I’m setting up a week-long fundraiser to offer Lyndsay a tangible thank you.

Please join me in showing Lyndsay how much we appreciate her hard work. The amount is not important. Every dollar counts. All funds go directly into her Paypal account. All donors will be publicly thanked. Thanks for reading.

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