Wednesday, August 26th

Adam can’t believe Chelsea would hand over her fashion line to his Father. She doesn’t really care – let Jabot and NE fight over it, she’ll start a new line – right here in Paris. She realizes why Adam isn’t ‘thrilled’ – he wants to fight Victor.

Neil’s seated at the club with Nikki and Victor. How can we help? Victor offers a lawyer and people to search for Hilary. No, not a good idea. Why not? Nikki balks – you want Hilary to be found don’t you?

As Devon continues to panic, the cop returns to his suite – we have some news about your wife.

At the park, Marisa lights candles – she hasn’t had a storybook life. No, but Noah thinks she can still have a happy ending.

At Underground, Kyle has no other secrets (besides being an ordained Minister) Summer worries something will go wrong at the last minute. On cue, Sage runs in with a garment bag – help – I have a wedding disaster!

Nick’s at Sharon’s to pick Faith up. As she goes to fetch her, Dylan tells Nick that Sharon’s feeling a bit down. Nick’s known her a long time – I think I know what’s wrong.

Nick should have told Sharon about the wedding himself (instead of Noah) She’s worried about Faith – Sage will officially be her stepmother, Nick notes. Dylan insists that Sharon’s cool with all this. Bringing Faith down, Sharon says Dylan’s right – she wishes Nick and Sage the best. Faith jokes – are you really getting married this time? After they leave, Dylan hands Sharon a present – from him to the baby.

My dress is falling apart! Sage wails. As she and Summer go into the back to try fix it, Kevin and Mariah arrive at Underground. Kyle updates them on the wedding – just Nick’s kids are invited. He’s about to explain why HE’s going when Sage rushes through (the dress now fixed) That leaves Kevin ask Mariah if she’s hurt that she wasn’t invited (or considered ‘family’ by Nick)

Of course Neil wants Hilary found – but the police suspect foul play and don’t want family and friends interfering. Besides, Mike’s there. Nikki’s sure that if Hilary ‘met with foul play’ the cops will realize it was someone else besides Devon.

Chelsea and Adam’s heated argument over her fashion line continues until Adam finally blurts out that YES! I hate Victor! I won’t let him beat me again!

Devon knows that his wife’s washed ashore shoe (not her purse as I stated yesterday) is being tested. But why aren’t you looking for my wife. Mike reads a report – a trace of blood found in the shoe will be matched to Hilary’s DNA. Lily goes to get her hair brush (as Devon freaks out – I need to help find my wife!) After the cop leaves with the brush, Mike and Lily talk about taking Devon home. No! He’s not leaving without Hilary!

Chelsea doesn’t want to fight this battle – she’s willing to sacrifice her company for Adam and Connor. Let it go. But the company is YOURS, Adam asks how she’ll feel if Victor puts out crappy clothes with her name on them. This is unfinished business – we need to go finish it. What do YOU need to go finish? Chelsea asks.

When Nick arrives at the park, he OK’s Marisa staying. Noah gives the groom some words of wisdom. You’ll always be my best man, Nick gives him a hug. After Noah puts on music, Faith scatters petals as she precedes Sage down the steps. Nick beams at his bride. Kyle then begins the wedding of Nick Newman and Sage Warner.

Now for the vows – Nick makes all chuckle with his retelling of Sage saving him from a bear trap (stepping into it was the best thing that ever happened to him) I love you – I’m yours forever. Sage snorts – I have to top that? She had no real understanding of true love – but watching Nick with his kids showed her what that looked like. Now she gets to feel true love – I’m yours heart and soul, forever. Kyle has them place written copies of their vows into a wooden box – along with wine and glasses – to be reopened in 50 years. Husband and wife now kiss to applause.

Nick’s not my Father, he’s my boss, Mariah sets Kevin straight – but wonders how he and Mike weren’t totally messed up by their childhood. Talking about it helps. Kevin notices Mariah drift off – it’s hard for her to talk about her past – she has things to work out on her own. OK, Kevin will stop pushing. Don’t stop pushing, Mariah requests.