Wednesday, August 26th

You shouldn’t have done this, Sharon sniffles over the onesie Dylan bought. Oh the cool things he’ll do with his baby. Is this how it was when Avery was pregnant? Sharon wonders. It strengthened our relationship, Dylan admits. Losing the baby tore us apart – then, his unrealized dreams then came with Connor. Dylan nearly lost his mind when finding out Connor wasn’t his. You couldn’t survive another loss like that again, Sharon silently weeps. As Dylan blathers on about having a child with the woman he’s going to marry, Sharon needs air – a moment by herself.

Adam realizes he needs to stop caring about Victor. But he must go back – before he can move on. We just bought this house, Chelsea reminds. Do you need to destroy your Father to get this closure!?

Best wedding ever, Faith hugs her Dad. All groan when Nick decides to say a speech. Oh how he loves his kids; Noah, Summer, Faith – their support, welcoming Sage and their baby means so much. He hopes they all find happiness. With a boy? Faith elicits laughter. With I love you’s, the bride and groom exit with their wooden box.

Adam’s not going back to destroy his Father – but to put his hatred to rest. He’s going to look at him – see him for the person he is – and realize that he has no power over me. I have everything I want. Let’s go save your company from the grips of that controlling man. Chelsea will – on one condition.

Devon’s upset – he doesn’t want to leave. He’s NOT the man a witness heard arguing with Hilary. HE’S the man the cops should be looking for!!!

Neil excuses himself – leaving Nikki to worry. Victor reassures her that Devon will be OK; Mike’s an excellent attorney. Devon’s not the one I’m worried about, Nikki frowns.

Summer and Kyle are back at Underground, gushing about how great the wedding was. Marisa was there? Kevin asks them not to tell Mariah that. Hurt her feelings? Summer didn’t know she had any. Well she does. And so does Kevin for Mariah, Kyle teases.

Mariah finds Sharon at the park – both needed a walk to clear their heads. Looks like it was a fun event, they note the lanterns. Sharon denies she feels excluded – she’s not sad about Nick. I haven’t been honest with you – or Dylan.

As Marisa and Faith go upstairs to arrange flowers, Dylan tells Noah that Sharon went out for a walk – she’s been moody. It could be hormones, Noah agrees – but these are all symptoms of someone with bipolar disorder.

Chelsea will go to GC for 48 hours – she to reclaim her clothing line, Adam to get closure with Victor. Yes, Adam promises. This is Chelsea’s deal breaker – nothing and no one must keep us in GC for more than 48 hours.

Adam can sever ties with Victor in 48 hours ~hug~ We’re gonna be OK. Chelsea can’t believe it’s happening this time – we’re going to be happy.

Sharon’s on her meds and hasn’t had any bipolar episodes since we’ve been together, Dylan claims. Noah still worries – he’s seen the signs and thinks Dylan needs to keep in front of this; help keep Mom stable.

What have you lied to Dylan and me about? Mariah asks. I miscarried, the baby’s gone, Sharon weeps on Mariah’s shoulder.

Home, in their bedroom, the bride and groom undress and kiss.

Nikki tells Victor that Neil was still angry at Devon and Hilary – was having fantasies about punishing them. You think he had something to do with Hilary’s disappearance? Nikki doesn’t want to think so – but we must know for sure. Right after the wedding, Neil left town (supposedly to Canada)

At the revolving door, Neil calls Lily to check on Devon. I’ll call you if anything changes, Lilly’s brief. Devon’s had enough – charging through the door, he tells the cop ‘I need to find my wife!!!’ Mike restrains him – I’m sorry. Giving the cop a shove, Devon’s promptly handcuffed.