Thursday, August 27th

On the rooftop, Abby’s just finished a swim in preparation for the meeting – which should be a battle; a bloodbath. Ashley hopes she’s on the right side. Ben appears, also wet – is everything OK? No, Abby snaps – it’s her first official day back at NE and all hell is about to break loose – and her Mother’s trying to turn her against her Father.

Victor and Vikki are at the office – talking about Chelsea’s fashion line. There’s more at stake than a few dresses, Victor’s thinking of Connor. You can’t stop Chelsea from taking him to Paris, Vikki cautions. Just watch me, Victor disagrees.

At CL’s, Chelsea’s talking to real estate agent (re: selling the condo asap) After she leaves, Billy saunters over – so she’s serious about making a life in Paris with Gabe. Yes, he’s good for her, and Connor. But you went to Paris to get away from the guy, Billy wonders ‘what changed’?

Jack and Adam are at the club. Victor should be rotting in prison – Adam won’t let him win Chelsea’s fashion line. Jack warns that ‘Gabe Bingham’ has no power. Just hope for the best and get back to Paris before anyone figures out who you are. Jack knows that he wants to bring Victor; not just as Gabe, but as Adam Newman.

Summer, Kyle, Noah and Marisa are surprised when Nick and Sage show up at Underground. They ooh and ah over Mrs Newman’s new necklace. Oh how happy the newlyweds are. Kyle and Nick are both headed to the meeting; Abbott vs Newman 2.0.

At home, Sharon shushes Mariah – she can’t tell Dylan. But you can comfort each other – he deserves to know – be honest with him, Mariah insists. Be honest with me about what? Dylan appears to ask.

Back on the rooftop, the overdressed Ashley just wants Abby to do the right thing – it’s Chelsea by Jabot, not Newman. This is all about winning for Victor. Abby taking his side will only inflame the war. Abby doesn’t appreciate being pressured – her decision will be based on business. Giving Ben a kiss, Abby leaves him to accuse Ashley of trying to manipulate her. He doesn’t see this as ‘high stakes’ and strongly disapproves of her using Abby against Victor.

Nick joins his sister and Dad to report that the wedding went off without a hitch – but he’s here to discuss business; let’s give the fashion division back to Jabot. It’s not worth the fight. He knows Victor wants to take over the line just to keep Connor in town.

Chelsea wasn’t running from Gabe, she was running from herself – her guilt, and her feelings for Gabe. Billy thinks something’s off about that guy. He’s not perfect but he loves me, Chelsea assures. Yes, she wants to make a life with him, more than anything. Bingham better take good care of you and Connor, Billy concludes.

Still at the club, Adam assures Jack that he can resist the urge to get revenge on Victor, but he’s not letting Chelsea walk into that meeting alone.

Sharon’s not really keeping something from Dylan, and NO, there’s no need for Mariah to leave – she’s just tired and wants to take the day off work. Mariah eyeballs Sharon – you must be relieved getting that off your chest. Of course Dylan’s OK with that – whatever you and this baby need, you’ve got it.

Back at Underground, Summer thinks Nick and Sage missed out on the whole wedding experience. But it’s done now, Noah says. Not necessarily, Summer has a plan. Meanwhile, Marisa serves Sage some OJ. This marriage sure is different from the one you had with Adam Newman. Why would you say that to me? Sage’s smile vanishes – are you trying to hold that over my head?

Victor’s all about family – he just wants Connor to have a good life. What about what HE wants, or what Chelsea wants? Nick asks. He then mentions the stocks Victor gifted his unborn baby with – you’re grooming the next generation. Victor sees nothing wrong with his gift – don’t like it? Give it back. He didn’t build this empire so his kids and grandkids can turn their backs on it. As the disagreement continues, the whole Abbott ‘posse’ arrives – and Abby (who takes her spot in the Newman line up) Adam (with Chelsea) then marches in to say he’s already lost this fight. Who the hell asked YOU to come here? Victor growls.

Sharon likes work – it fills her day up. Your days will soon be filled changing diapers etc. Dylan points out. Mariah tries to prod Sharon to fess up. Instead, Sharon talks about how little sleep they’ll get when the baby comes. After Dylan heads off to work, Mariah warns Sharon that lying will only get harder. Sharon has a plan – to get pregnant again – Dylan will never know she lost the baby.

Marisa didn’t mean to threaten Sage; she’d never hold it over her head and is sorry she brought up Adam’s name – she’s just happy that Sage is with the right man now (if not a bit jealous) How do you know when it’s real love? Noah and Summer announce that they’re heading off to work on a little project. Noah gives Marisa a kiss, leaving Sage to decide that the look in his eye is real.