Wednesday, August 26th

Next: Ashley’s jaw drops as Abby rants to Ben – All hell is about to break loose and my Mother is trying to turn me against my Father… Jack appeals to Adam: You’d like nothing better than to bring Victor down, not just as Gabe Bingham…. You need to be honest with Dylan, Mariah tells Sharon. Be honest with me about what? he strolls in.

My Thoughts: What?! Chelsea would let Jabot or Newman continue her line while she starts a new one? Called what? Chelsea Two? It’s not her name that sells the clothes, it’s her creative, stunning designs (yes, I realize that’s ridiculous) Obviously, Jabot should retain Chelsea for Jabot. Vikki ‘ran’ it for ‘months’? Doing what? She didn’t do any sketches or picking of fabrics … Why is Neil sitting all chummy with Victor? He’s been physically and verbally abusive ever since Nikki went to rehab … As ludicrous as it is that Kyle is an ordained minister, I actually thought the wooden box idea was cute (they must have copied that from Four Weddings or something) However, chances of this (or any GC) marriage lasting 50 years is slim to NONE. But the wine will have aged nicely…. Why would Mike and Lily think Devon would be free to flee the Virgin Isles – when he’s not even allowed to leave his hotel room? … The lanterns looked nice in the park, but now they’re just litter. Was no one assigned to clean up? Sage’s dress was ‘falling apart’? I guess it’s not a Fenmore’s original. You’d think having a half a billion in the bank, Nick would jar loose and at least get a honeymoon suite at the club for his wedding night … I’m glad Sharon opened up to Mariah. My theory that she’d steal Sage and Nick’s baby is 99.9% wrong (which is a relief) Sharon Case did a nice job today. I felt sorry for her. The ranch is supposed to be a sprawling property on the outskirts of town, not within walking distance to Chancellor Park (which is a 10 minute walk from CL’s and the ‘warehouse district’). Why would Dylan let his fiance walk through a park alone (especially one know for it’s frequent assaults and shootings) ..

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