Thursday, August 27th

Everyone now assembled, Abby quips – we’re off to a productive start. Adam doesn’t answer to Victor, and if he leaves, Chelsea goes with him. And Victor’s accusation that Gabe tried to frame him for murder are hypocritical after all HE’S done. Nick shuts him down – that’s enough. Adam apologizes, he’ll back off. Chelsea announces that she’ll be designing from Paris (for Jabot) – she doesn’t care who has the biggest bank account – her decision is final. Victor’s afraid it is NOT.

Chelsea’s name is on the line – she gets to decide who she designs for. As everyone chimes in, Vikki hands out paperwork. According to the bylaws, it’ll be decided by blind bids in sealed envelopes. Chelsea won’t know which company she’s chosen until everything is said and done. Jack can’t believe he’s being held to this contract. Eager to return to Paris, Chelsea needs it settled now. The Newman’s already have their bid – the Abbott’s now have to decide on theirs. May the best company win, Victor declares with confidence.

Ben drops by CL’s for some decaf – and doesn’t want to discuss what’s bothering him. That leads to Dylan commenting that Sharon’s not confiding in him either; something’s off, Noah thinks it might be her bipolar disorder. Ben reminds that Dylan’s not just looking out for Sharon now, but the baby too.

Mariah raises the obvious issues with Sharon’s plan to get pregnant – plus, you already have enough to deal with. At least Sharon doesn’t have to worry about Mariah telling anyone her secret. Who says I would have? Mariah replies.

Going over both offers in the hallway, Adam and Chelsea try to figure out which is Victor’s. Meanwhile, Vikki and Ashley bicker; while Billy and Abby discuss the likelihood (or unlikelihood) of him working things out with Vikki. Getting a text, Nick’s eager to get going – Summer wants to meet up at the club. Jack hisses at Victor for holding him to a contract his impostor signed. Chelsea’s a Newman, Victor reminds. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, Jack warns, then looks confident as Chelsea returns (with Adam) to say she’s picked the winning bid.

You won’t tell anyone that I lost the baby, will you? Since when is ‘the truth’ so important to you? Since it always comes out anyway, Mariah tells Sharon. The truth will ruin Dylan’s life, she relays that he said he couldn’t survive losing another baby. This is why we must keep it from him. Pray I get pregnant and help me protect Dylan! Sharon pleads.

Having rented the rooftop, Summer asks Noah about Marisa (relaying that she overheard her asking Sage about true love) Wow – really? Noah’s surprised. He cares about her, but misses Courtney. Summer misses Austin, but loves Kyle; and wants Noah to be as happy as she is.

Back at Underground, Marisa and Sage discuss love and the secret they have in common; Noah’s Uncle is alive. He and Nick can’t find out. It’ll do no good. It stays between us.

Vikki smiles as she picks up the winning bid – Chelsea picked Newman. After the Abbott’s march out (saying this isn’t over) Victor thinks champagne is in order. Chelsea won’t stand for this, Adam grumbles. Abby tries to smooth things over; they’ll do their best to make Newman comfortable for her. Victor asks for a moment alone with Chelsea (and Adam) Welcome to Newman Enterprises.

Sharon finds CL’s empty (seems a competitor is handing out free donuts) Good – she puts out the closed sign and gives him a passionate kiss (which seems to trouble Dylan)

Hmmm. Nick and Sage both got a text to meet Summer on the rooftop. But where could she be? Surprise!!!! Almost everyone who was at the meeting pops out to applaud the newlyweds.

Jack’s downstairs with a distracted Ashley – who worries (over Martinis) that she’s too obsessed with Jabot. Jack then stuns her with his request that she become co-CEO.