Thursday, August 27th

Adam won’t let Victor get away with this. I already have, Victor had the higher bid; it seems ‘Gabe’ doesn’t know him as well as he thinks he does. You have NO idea, Adam growls. Chelsea decides to walk away from it all and start a new company. You signed a non compete clause, Victor boasts – I own Chelsea Lawson (neither she nor Adam are happy about that)

Next: If the DNA tests indicate that it is indeed Hilary’s, you’ll be extradited to face homicide charges, Mike warns Devon (at the club with Neil, Jack, Lily and Cane) …. Victor offers to transfer half a million dollars into Marisa’s account – if she leaves town.

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My Thoughts: Does Anita even know that Chelsea’s moved to Paris? And what happened to Gloria’s role in Chelsea’s business? … Shouldn’t the shareholders be consulted over who keeps Chelsea’s fashion line? I vaguely recall Lauren being on the Newman board of directors … Why would any company want a hostile designer on the payroll? All Chelsea has to do is put out a line of ugly frocks and Victor will be glad to dump her. And unless she’s under a gag order, she can blab about it to the media. She may have signed a non compete clause, but Gabe didn’t. Perhaps it’s time to create a line under his name; Gabriel by Jabot … Yeah Nick – if you don’t like Victor’s gift for the baby, return it … Kinda icky for Marisa to talk about newlyweds spending 24 hours in bed. I doubt Nick’s kids want to envision that …. It’s one thing to pass off a premature baby as full term, but even if Sharon conceives this month, her baby would be at least 8 weeks overdue at full gestation; never mind the unlikelihood of that happening. Perhaps she’ll lie to Mariah and carry on with her lie regardless. And we’ll have yet another ‘Sharon’s secret’ storyline … Ashley was a bit pushy with Abby, but Ben should shut his pie hole and stay out of it (and get his prison tats removed or covered with something less prison tat-y) ….