Friday, August 28th

Kyle forks some cake into Summer’s pie hole. What’s he so happy about? The merger being dissolved, his Dad acting like his Dad (and not fighting with Victor) They’ve survived Harding and outlasted Newman Abbott. Nothing can touch us ~kiss~

Victor joins Marisa – who speaks highly of the loving Newman family – then is horrified when a not so loving Victor wonders how Noah would feel if he knew her ex was responsible for Courtney’s death. He’ll transfer half a million into Marisa’s bank account and she’s to leave town. Repeating his threat, Victor greets Noah and a watchful Nikki. He’s just getting to know Noah’s lovely girlfriend is all.

On the rooftop, Ashley eyes the usual worst gathering of party guests ever, then bumps into Billy as she hurries to escape. Hearing that Jack made her CEO, Billy grabs drinks to toast her. Ash worries she’s just a smoke screen so Jack can plot against Victor.

Strolling through the park, Phyllis grills Jack – asking the same questions Ashley did. He knows Ashley will do their Father proud. Plus, when he was chained up, Jack promised not to waste time (and blew it fighting Victor) I won’t make that mistake again ~hug~

Ashley makes amends to Abby (sitting with Ben) She’s sorry for trying to get her to go against her Father. Oh, and Jack made me CEO of Jabot. Abby and Ben congratulate her sincerely. And no, Abby is not the ‘enemy’ – Jabot shouldn’t exist solely to compete with NE. With Ashley in charge the fight is over.

Did my Grandpa say something to you? Noah’s not happy – I told him we’d be spending time together. He remembers first seeing Marisa – he had a feeling she’d change everything – and she did.

Watching Adam glare at Nick and Sage, Chelsea can’t believe she didn’t recognize the glare she’d know anywhere. She agrees with Sage – they should go back to Paris (as promised) Let’s go get our son and go to our new home. With one last glance, Adam follows Chelsea out.

At the club, Nikki and Victor note that Devon’s home. And Neil’s arm IS around his shoulder. Does Nikki still question his alibi? Well, she’ll feel a lot better when Victor’s PI confirms that he WAS in Canada. On cue, Neil comes over to ask if Victor’s offer to help his son still stands (if so, he’ll take it)

Mike leaves – he’s got an extradition to fight. Devon whines that he can’t go find Hilary. And as Lily pledges her support, and Dad’s, Neil asks Victor to pulls some strings – keep Devon off that island. Nikki looks concerned.

Jack plans a life of leisure – but will gladly send Phyllis off to work with a kiss and her briefcase every morning if she wants to remain in the corporate world. Phyllis is finally swayed – take me home.

The party all but over, Billy tries to make amends to Vikki (who’s not having it and marches out)

Abby somehow knows that Ben said something to her Mom – and though she doesn’t need him fighting her battles, at ALL, she’s glad he did. Ashley looks jealous as she watches them kiss.

Back at Underground, Sage declares the Newman’s adorable – she’s not nervous or superstitious about the rice throwing. Nick puts on some music for the bride and groom’s first dance. Too fast – let’s slow it down a bit. Sage seems to cling on for dear life.

In the park, Adam points out the spot ‘Gabe’ first saw Chelsea and Connor. Except for the spy camera, she reminds (not mad, but eager to return to France) Adam needs a few more days in GC. She doesn’t care about her clothing line – Victor can put her name on burlap sacks and sell them! Just a few more days, Adam convinces her ~hug~