Friday, August 28th

Next: What are you not telling me!? Why are you keeping secrets? We agreed we wouldn’t do this anymore! Cane’s pissed at Lily … Victor confronts Neil – You went to great lengths to lie to me about being in Canada. You were in the Islands. .. Devon – you’re under arrest, Paul comes in to the club to shock him and the Ashby’s.

My Thoughts: Good Lord, I haven’t seen such bad dancing since Elaine on Seinfeld. Nick couldn’t change the music fast enough to put an end to Sage’s awkward gyrations …. If Devon feels that he deserves bad karma because he ‘fell in love with his Father’s wife’, why wouldn’t Hilary deserve equal bad karma for falling in love with her husband’s son? She’s the one who cheated on Neil – she’s the one who was married. Devon wasn’t breaking any vows at least … When I say Sage ‘pouted’ (when Adam decided to stay) I mean she really POUTED…. I’m most displeased that Victor’s getting away with threatening to expose everyone in town without thinking he’ll be exposed too. How would Noah feel about his Grandpa’s involvement in Courtney’s death? … Have y’all noticed that Ashley seems to enjoy her booze a lot more lately. You wouldn’t think someone who’d recently had brain surgery would be so eager to get fuzzy headed. And judging by the look on her face when seeing Ben kiss Abby, one of GC’s most level-headed women is about to join the ever growing Mentally Unstable Women of GC Club (or revert to it; she’s had her share of unstable episodes) … I do enjoy it when Nikki jokes about how many times she’s been married – joke’s on her though since most of them were to Victor.

Here’s the latest list of donours Lyndsay and I are extremely grateful to! I’m so overwhelmed with the response that thank you doesn’t seem enough; that’s why I have a surprise up my sleeve (to be announced Monday) So, if you’ve thought about donating, now would be the time! The fundraiser will end tonight. Thanks again!!

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