Tuesday, September 8th

Vikki reminds Billy that it would have been their 5th wedding anniversary, The chuckle about their past weddings; Jamaica – the one Vikki got arrested – the one they stepped in for Kevin and Chloe. Oh how beautiful Delia looked. How do we celebrate? Looking back? Forward? Together we can do both. It feels right…. and the kids are out, Billy puts an arm around Vikki.

Jack won’t pressure Ashley to hire Gabe, but he WILL hire him to look into the Paragon threat – he’ll answer directly to me. Jack’s chairman of the board and has a financial stake in Jabot. It’s MY money. Jack must do some digging of his own. Happy shoveling! Jack pauses outside the door as Ashley makes a call to Joe (whom she plans to meet for dinner tomorrow)

Billy carries Vikki up to bed.

Still at CL’s, Chelsea’s happy that Billy and Vikki have made their way back to each other. We have too, Adam says. Chelsea wishes they could be Mr and Mrs Adam Newman. Never say never, Adam says. Jack arrives to say that Adam’s hired. Do your job and don’t irritate my family. Jack already has his first assignment.

Cane calls Lily – sounds like she’s having a bad day. Yes, and Neil’s taking sleeping pills (she’s scared where this can lead to) Talk to him, Cane encourages. OK – any good news? No – he and Mike are in jail.

Neil gives Devon and pep talk – Cane and Mike are working on his behalf. If Hilary’s gone, Devon’s OK with going to jail – he has nothing to live for. No, you have lots to live for. Devon agrees – like finding and killing whomever hurt Hilary. He leaves Neil to worry.

Next: Cane and Mike were arrested in BVI, Lily shocks Neil …. Chelsea confronts Adam – we haven’t even been back a week and you’re already lying to me … Phyllis strolls through the park with a flashlight – Didn’t think I’d run into anyone out here. Neither did I, Ian turns around.

My Thoughts: The show did not air yesterday and it was Labour Day so I enjoyed the long weekend. The three winners of the fundraiser draw have been contacted. I will post their names once I receive confirmation. Thanks to everyone who joined me in showing Lyndsay how much we appreciate all her hard work while I was dealing with the worst month EVER. My beloved cat even died. Unbelievable! September is starting off great though – nothing has died!