Tuesday, September 8th

Lily tells Devon all about the eye witness Mike’s afraid will be the prosecution’s star witness. She won’t judge him – if you were on that trail with Hilary, tell me.

Back in a bar in BVI, the witness chats with Cane and Mike – he wants his money. But the information must be proven reliable before they pay him the million. We’ll contact you. Fine, Jimmy will go talk to the police.

Neil sneaks into a supply closet at GCM and tries to open a locked cabinet for IV bags. Hospital ID required. Neil then bumps into Gwen – who’s there to take her sister out to lunch. Emma wonders why Neil was in the supply closet – it’s a restricted area.

Neil’s picking up a prescription – he hasn’t gotten much sleep since Hilary vanished. He ducked into the closet to evade the media. Yes, he’s under a lot of stress – and so’s Devon. The longer Hilary’s gone, the harder it is to hold out hope. When Gwen offers support, Neil appreciates having her to turn to.

Back on the rooftop, Devon takes exception to Lily believing some stranger over him – I have nothing to hide. Trust me, Lily pleads. You don’t trust me – how’s Devon to convince a jury if his own sister and lawyer think him guilty? Devon – come back, Lily’s left alone to huff.

Vikki comes home to find that Billy – Hannah took the kids to the park. He’s having a bad day (at least Johnny and Katie think he’s a hero) Jack’s trying to get Ash to hire him at Jabot. Why doesn’t he see through Gabe? He’s the Prince of Darkness. Vikki chuckles – Victor used to have that title. Guess we’re making progress.

Jack agrees – he gave Ashley the CEO job no strings. Good – Ashley will NOT hire Gabe. Walking to the elevator, Adam thanks Jack for trying. Jack thinks it might be for the best – Adam shouldn’t work at Jabot or NE. Adam suggests more of a contract position; looking into the Paragon Project. He know both companies. Plus, who finds trouble better than I do?

Jack returns to Ashley’s office – he’s not going to try forcing her to hire Gabe. He doesn’t blame her. But – Gabe could be an independent contractor to watch both Jabot and NE’s computer systems for breach of security. IF the Paragon Project is real, Ashley thinks she knows who might be behind it and will investigate herself. No she’s not going to tell Jack who she suspects.

Adam’s at CL’s to update Chelsea that Jack’s going to bat for him (against Ashley and Billy) Chelsea updates that she and Vikki chatted like friends. Adam’s suspicious – you can’t trust the Newmans (except me)

Neil joins Devon on the patio to hear that a witness responded to the reward offer – Lily, Cane and Mike doubt me. Devon has no one else to turn to. Neil won’t turn his back on Devon (who’d understand if he did) He flashes back to arguing with Hilary on the mountain – payback’s a bitch ain’t it my love? Yes, of course Neil’s forgiven Devon (who worries he’s setting himself up for more heartache; thinking Hilary’s alive)

Lily leaves a message for Mike – her talk with Devon was a disaster – he feels no one trust him – hopefully nothing further happens with this witness.

Sending Emma to take a seat on the rooftop, Gwen tells Lily that she’s sorry for what’s going on with Hilary and Devon. Lily goes off on her defending Devon. Gwen blabs that Neil was at GCM getting a prescription for sleep – but the doctor must know his history; nothing to worry about.

Over drinks, Mike lists some crackpots and weirdos who’ve responded to Devon’s reward – it’s making it harder to find Hilary. Cane’s reluctant to suggest that’s why Devon posted the reward. Mr Donovan, the prosecutor approaches to grumble about the witness they didn’t share. He was only interested in the money, Mike claims. Not that he can prove your client guilty of murder? Donovan clearly thinks so.