Thursday, September 17th

As Sharon’s updating Noah, Nick’s at the counter with Dylan – she’s worried she’ll lose you. I told her that’ll never happen, Dylan replies. Noah and Sharon continue to chat – he’ll tell Mariah. It’s time, Dylan comes over. Sharon gives Noah a hug – he’s so proud of his Mom.

Marisa’s changed – she’s moved on from Luca and his family (who he never stood up to) Luca will tell her everything – in his suite.

Victor blames Marisa – she’s trouble. She saved my life – and Marco would still be a threat if not for her, Jack points out (and knows that her sleeping with Noah is the real problem) Let’s just focus on getting Luca out of town. Victor will handle it.

No one’s supposed to know you’re out of prison! Yeah, and no one’s supposed to know you’re Adam Newman. Phyllis only knows Ian as Fred, a kind fisherman. Adam won’t let up – Jack’s wife is the last person you should be having coffee with. He doesn’t want Chelsea (and her clothing line) involved in taking down Newman – she’s out of the equation. OK, Ian will spare Adam’s beloved. And what if Phyllis finds out who you are? Ian will make her disappear.

At the club, Jack’s distracted as Phyllis relays her visit with poor Fred – he’s writing a book – what a great way to get over his loss. Finally paying attention, Jack thinks it odd he hasn’t met him – let’s invite him to dinner. Phyllis thinks that a great idea.

Back in the trailer, Ian assures that he’s joking about making Phyllis disappear. Adam doesn’t appreciate being reminded of the little girl he ran over. We’re in this together – all the way, Ian concludes.

Abby joins Ben at the bar – he’s ordered her a drink and is looking forward to tonight. About that, Abby (the fashion rock star) has an important meeting with the head of a European fashion house (about expanding Chelsea 2.0 into the European market) Giving her the quickest kiss, Ben leaves. A staffer comes over to tell Abby that her meeting’s been moved to suite 338.

Dr Anderson welcomes Sharon back to Fairview – we’ll have our first session in the morning. Cathy will help you get settled in and then you can come back and say good bye. Dylan’s left to ask the DR a question….

Back at Underground, (with Nick) Noah finds a note from Marisa – she had to leave.

In Luca’s suite, Marisa asks if he turned his back on his family’s fortune, like he said he would. You’re one to talk – Annacelli made millions on drugs. Luca’s also puzzled as to why she’s with the naive bartender – is the sex that good? Marisa tosses her champagne in his face. Luca dries off and answers his door. Victor’s looking for Luca Santori.