Friday, September 18th

On the rooftop, Dylan updates Paul on his conversation with Collin – and Neil. Paul’s not happy to hear he ‘confronted’ Neil. You what!!!??

In the dining room, Neil tells Gwen that he’s attending meetings – he’ll deal with this addiction every day but taking steps in the right direction. Devon strolls over – good to hear – I have news about Hilary.

Strolling around Fairview, Sharon’s stunned by a familiar voice person – hello stranger! Patty!?

Paul had Patty transferred back here from prison. He visits often, Jack doesn’t – what he up to these days? Sharon escapes for an appointment – then bumps into Dr Anderson. Oh no – Sharon doesn’t need therapy, she’s just there to get back on track with her meds – do what’s best for her and her baby. How do you feel about being pregnant again? Dr A asks.

At home, Phyllis suggests they serve fish for dinner. Jack knows she’s excited but wonders why – she doesn’t usually take to strangers like this. Fred’s harmless – you think he’s involved in some conspiracy to topple Jabot? Phyllis has excellent instincts about people. Show some compassion.

Meanwhile, in the trailer, Adam’s not happy to hear that Ian’s going to the Abbott’s for dinner. This is no game! Really? Ian’s having so much fun.

Adam warns Ian that he’s risking the whole damn project. Ian says they need to adapt – revenge is like making love to a beautiful woman – if you’re just trying to get over it, why bother? It should be devoured. Ian will bow out of dinner without upsetting his friend Phyllis. No more visits – Ian’s to set up elsewhere. Except Ian’s not comfortable with being ordered around. Yeah, well, Adam only got Ian out of jail to take Victor down.

Devon tells Neil and Gwen that the plane transported Hilary to Dallas – refueled and took off – no flight plan – then returned to Dallas. Devon told Paul – he, himself has to stay hands off. He can’t do anything to find his wife. Neil sees hope that Hilary survived. This could be over soon.

Paul thinks Dylan was wrong to confront Neil on just Collin’s say so. He suspected Neil from day one – so hired a third party to check his alibi. And? Neil was where he was supposed to be; in the Canadian Rockies. Dylan’s not convinced. Paul notes that he’s putting a lot into this (considering he’s not joining the department) Does Sharon know? Paul’s stunned to hear that she checked into Fairview.

Sharon’s thrilled to be having a baby with Dylan. Dr A can tell he’s a kind man – and agrees it’s good Sharon checked herself in. Having looked over the files, Dr A asks about Nick. Sharon confides that they’re half brothers and that she hasn’t known him that long – she doesn’t want to disappoint him) Dr A wonders if Sharon’s worried her illness will cost her Dylan (as it did Nick) No – Dylan accepts me for who I am. Dr A notes that she’s anxious – is there a reason for that? Yes, there is.