Thursday, September 17th

Adam arrives as Jack and Phyllis are discussing having Fred over for dinner. How’d you meet this guy? Did he swing by to borrow bug spray? he quips. He was star gazing – what do you care? After all that’s gone on, Adam’s not sure it’s a good idea to invite complete strangers into your house.

Jack told me about your husband visiting – Victor knows all he needs to and dismisses Marisa with a ‘have a nice day’. Now alone, Victor asks if he’s from the Santori family of Spain. Luca rings a bell – and a couple of suited guys in black flank him. Victor asks what it’ll take to get him out of town. Luca only wants one thing; Marisa.

Noah’s off to the club to meet Marisa – sure she’ll explain everything. Try not to worry about your Mom, Nick tells him. Vikki arrives – what’s going on with Sharon? Updated, she thinks it surprisingly responsible of her to check herself into Fairview. Why is she there? To ask why Nick’s always backing Abby. Hearing that she spoke to Ben, Nick suspects she’s not worried about Abby but still interested in him.

Abby knocks at suite 338 and walks into the door that’s ajar. Seeing two champagne flutes set out, she pauses – I think you have the wrong idea. Ben walks out – no, he has exactly the right idea.

Phyllis isn’t pleased with ‘Gabe’s’ constant interruptions. Jack has to agree. Adam preaches common sense – you don’t know this Fred guy. Annoyed, Phyllis excuses herself to make a call. That leaves Adam to work on Jack – this guy’s suspicious. You hired me to be ‘paranoid’ – we don’t know what form the Paragon Project will come in – don’t let your guard down.

Yes, Ben had the waiter give Abby the note (he then fakes a French accent – seems he’s the European she was to meet) Abby’s disappointed, until Ben suggests they go to Europe. Whaddaya say? Come away with me???

Back at Underground, Vikki insists she has no interest in Ben – she loves Billy. He hasn’t changed, Nick thinks him irresponsible and he’s an Abbott. Vikki goes back to whining about Abby – she needs to stay away from Brash n Sassy. Nick claims he’s also trying to put a stop to Abby – just being smarter about it.

Dylan supports Sharon’s decision, just wants to make sure she and baby get the best care. Dr Anderson will take good care of them both. Sharon listens as Dylan admits he’s overprotective – if anything happened to Sharon and the baby…. They mean more than ‘a lot’ to him – they mean everything.

Dr Anderson leaves Sharon to assure Dylan that it’s OK to leave her. Imagine how overprotective I’ll be when the baby gets here, he jokes – then says good by to her belly and leaves her to worry (as a mystery person watches)

Europe – Abby’s tempted, but it’s too sudden. Ben will give her a preview of how they’ll spend their nights in all those romantic cities ~kiss~

Let Abby think you’re on her side. Nick’s not manipulating her, he’s guiding her towards sound business decisions. Vikki sees that as a move out of Dad’s playbook.

Told that Marisa’s waiting for Noah (at the bar) Victor wonders if that’s wise. He wants her to get rid of Luca the way she did Marco – you don’t want Noah to find out about your secret life. Use your assets – all of them. Victor leaves her to pout for a minute before Noah arrives – you OK???

Ian appreciates the offer but he’s not sure he can accept – he has a deadline. Convincing him, Phyllis rejoins Adam and Jack – it’s all set – Fred’s coming for dinner tomorrow. Adam and Jack exchange a look.

Next: Phyllis is pissed – Gabe’s got you freaking out! If I’m freaking out it’s for very good reason, Jack argues. Prove it, Phyllis demands…. Ian tells Adam that revenge is like making love to a beautiful woman. If you’re simply trying to get it over with, why bother? … Sharon’s stunned. Patty!? Patty Williams grins at her.