Friday, September 18th

Dylan tells Paul that Sharon went off her meds because of the pregnancy. She’s feeling fragile. Paul admires Sharon’s commitment to Dylan – Patty’s there; Fairview’s an excellent place.

Sharon blames her anxiety on running into Patty Williams – she hurt some people I know. Sharon’s not judging her – it’s just a painful reminder. Dr A can see that Sharon’s committed to building a healthy environment for her child. Sharon agrees – nothing’s more important than that.

Adam once again interrupts Jack and Phyllis. As she goes to take a call from Fred, Adam tells Jack that he found the trailer empty. Any sign that he’s more than a lonely widower? No. Jack’s still thinks Adam’s right and is glad he’s gone. He had a bad feeling about Phyllis befriending this guy. What kind of pixie dust is he spreading for her to open up to him this way? Across the room, Phyllis is disappointed when Fred calls to cancel – she’s been a good muse. Fred ditched us for dinner, she reports (then detects this is NO surprise to Jack and Adam)

Phyllis accuses Adam of threatening or coercing Fred, this is more pissed to learn that Jack’s behind it. He won’t apologize for wanting to keep his family safe. Adam worries the Paragon Project could involve kidnapping someone. Phyllis thinks both are out of control – I’m out! Jack’s left to demand Adam tell him everything he knows about this guy.

Paul can’t deny that Neil’s acted out in the past – and can see that Neil could have made plans that even Collin didn’t know about.

Who would fly Hilary off the Island? The same person who hurt her, Devon suspects. It makes no sense. As Neil leaves, Devon notes Gwen watching him. Something’s not right, she says. Coming downstairs, Paul stops Neil – how are things going? How do you think? I’m desperate to find the person who’d do this to Hilary.

Paul almost apologizes for Dylan confronting Neil. He doesn’t want him to pay the price for something he didn’t’ do. Neil does a good job – he’s OK with being blamed to take stress off his son. Even the best criminals make a mistake. It’s only a matter of time, Paul agrees (and leaves Neil to look worried)

Gwen thinks that Neil’s acting strangely – he says everything’s fine, but does that sound real? Devon confides that Neil’s feeling guilty. Gwen agrees – something’s weighing on him. Devon knows Neil’s not responsible and won’t rest until he finds Hilary. Gwen’s left to puzzle alone for a minute, then follows Neil through the revolving door.

Agreeing to meet the doctor tomorrow, Sharon gives Patty the cold shoulder. Why are you being so mean? We’re in the same boat. Sharon’s here by choice and didn’t come to make friends. Excuse me. Patty then goes to Dr A – there’s a problem with another patient; Sharon Newman.