Friday, September 18th

Adam leaves a message for Ian – you better have cleared out of that trailer like I told you – get back to me.

Phyllis knocks on the trailer door – then pokes her head inside. Fred???

Fred? Phyllis finds the trailer empty – except for a note. We will see each other again. I’ll explain then. This isn’t good bey. Jack arrives – thought I’d find you here. No, he had nothing to do with Fred leaving. He DID ask Gabe to investigate a threat against his family. This is suspicious – maybe Fred’s up to something – maybe we were thwarting some plan. If he’s freaking out, it’s for good reason. Marco got a message out to Marisa’s husband. THAT is why he’s taking this seriously.

Neil tells Hilary that Paul and everyone would blame him for her fall if. You and I know I’m not – you need to wake up and tell everyone I’m a good guy. Maybe I’m not a good guy, he struggles. Enough is enough. I’ve gotta do something here.

Gwen calls Devon from her car – she followed Neil – he went to the hospital but came out after 10 minutes in a hurry. Now he’s at a house outside of town, on Lakeside. Hilary’s dream home, Devon recalls.

Victor and I are looking into the Marco thing – but Jack can’t ignore Fred appearing – what if Marco sent him? Phyllis is distraught – is this ever gonna end? ~hug~

Back at the penthouse, Adam gets a call from Ian. Did you clear out? Where are you? Relax – Ian left the great outdoors behind. He’s not far away though. Adam will call him back when he’s done jerking him around. About to unlock his front door, Adam’s surprised to see Ian hanging out the door of his old place – howdy neighbour.

As Neil’s doing the ole ‘wake up’, he hears a noise and runs from the boathouse.

Dr A tells Petty not to take it personally – Sharon just wants to keep to herself. She’ll need someone to talk to and trust eventually.

Sharon calls Dylan – she spent most of the morning in therapy. Dr A’s helping – Fairview is the right decision. Take care of you and our little one, Dylan replies.

Neil races to the front door – Devon thinks he’s been lying to a lot of people – are you ready to tell me the truth???

Next: Marisa asks – you want me to sleep with Luca even though I’m in love with your grandson? Uh hmmm, Victor nods…. Abby’s pissed at Ben – Victoria confirmed that you two teamed up to try and keep me out of the Newman loop … Sage doubles over in pain and rolls off the sofa onto the floor.