Monday, September 21st

In Victor’s office, Vikki and Victor go over sales figures – Brash n Sassy is up, Chelsea 2.0 is down. What does she think of this? About what? My division going up or Abby’s going down? Both.

Abby can’t be reached because she’s in bed with Ben. Order more champagne – she’s sure the quarterly report that comes out today will be good. Ben won’t let her leave for the office until she promises to go with him to Europe – today.

Hey neighbour! Adam’s NOT happy to see Ian hanging out of the door to his old penthouse (across from Chelsea’s) – seems he bought it over the Internet. Chelsea comes out – forget your key? Who were you talking to? Ian’s already disappeared into his new home.

At the tackhouse, Sage finds Nick’s doting very sweet – but do me a favour – back off, she smiles.

Seated at the club, Noah takes Marisa’s hands as he question her distraction. Luca appears – awww – just who I was hoping to see.

At the front door of the lakehouse, Devon questions Neil (who asks him to leave – so I can do what I need to do) He doesn’t want to drag Devon into this. I’m your son – tell me what’s going on. Believe it or not, it’s all for you, Neil claims.

Neil lets Devon in – the purpose of this house was to make Hilary’s dreams come true – now he’s renovating it for both her and Devon. You lost your eyesight here – this is where YOU planned to live with Hilary, Devon reminds. Neil hopes they accept this gift together. It’s really for us? Devon hugs his Dad.

Abby balks. Neither of us can blow off our jobs – what would Vikki say? She’d be happy, Ben’s sure – we can go to fashion week. Yes, he really wants this – right now. Abby can’t go until she checks in at work.

Sage lists all Nick’s got on his plate – while she’s going stir crazy. She doesn’t want to have bad dreams about Victor OR be treated like a delicate flower. Stitch will find out if there’s a medical reason for Sage’s cramps etc, Nick assures – then leaves saying he’ll get her last weeks receipts.

No, Marisa doesn’t remember Luca’s story from Madrid (you, me and my wife) Noah wonders why he hasn’t left for Europe to win his wife back. It’s time for her to remember ME – and our spark, Luca says. Noah then gets a text – Dad needs me to get something for Sage. With one last suspicious look, Noah leaves Marisa with Luca.

Chelsea thought she heard two voices. That was Jack on speakerphone, Adam lies. When she wants to introduce themselves to the new neighbour, Adam stops her – No, don’t do that.