Monday, September 21st

Grilled by Chelsea, Adam lies some more – the new neighbour just left. She heads to the office to see the quarterly sales report (sure Chelsea 2.0 is still doing well) That leaves Adam to barge into Ian’s new place – why move HERE!? Chelsea’s seen your mug shot online, he’s sure. Ian will be cautious – we don’t have to meet in public anymore. He wonders if revenge against Victor is really worthy risking his wife and son for.

Victor wants you gone – he gets what he wants, Marisa warns Luca. You don’t want to lose me again, he purrs. If she loves Noah so much why hasn’t she told him the truth about him?

Dropping off the sales receipts, Noah talks to Sage about his Mom. She’s a brave, wonderful Mother, Sage gushes. When she adds a few words about Marisa trusting Noah, he isn’t so sure.

As Victor continues to puzzle over Chelsea 2.0’s drop in sales, Nick comes in to remind it’s just as Vikki warned. Yes, you did predict that, Victor’s suspicious – did Vikki have anything to do with Abby being off with Stitch? On cue, Abby arrives (not happy to realize that they’ve been talking about her)

Chelsea 2.0 hit a wall, Abby eyes the sales figures. Chelsea arrives seconds behind her – Gabe warned this would happen. Ahh yes Gabe, the voice of doom, Nick sneers – looks like Vikki was right. Brash n Sassy is hitting it’s stride, Victor adds – then leaves them to look at the numbers and figure out what’s best for NE. Abby’s left to snarl at her ‘dear sister’ – you tried to sabotage MY company!

Don’t ever mention my family, Adam growls. Ian gave his word that Chelsea 2.0 won’t be brought down with Victor. But did you think the Paragon worm would focus ONLY on Victor? You don’t have to go after Vikki or Chelsea, Adam insists. Brash n Sassy is so 80’s, all it needs is shoulder pads, Ian figures that once it’s dead, Vikki can rise from the ashes – she’ll be free of her Father. Adam should relax – embrace the journey. Ian sends him off to calm down. I’m right across the hall if you need me.

Neil assures Devon that he and Hilary will be happy in this house – raise his grandkids in this house. How did you know I was here? Gwen walks on – Devon didn’t follow you here, I did.

Neil isn’t happy about Gwen invading his privacy – you followed me to the hospital? Wow. Devon referees – now we both see what’s going on. We’re done – move on before there’s a problem, Neil warns. Gwen won’t apologize for caring about Neil (who accuses her of hoping Hilary doesn’t come back – so she can make a play for Devon) After Gwen leaves in tears, Devon scolds his Dad – what was that? Neil just wants to be left to do what he needs to do – for ONCE, leave me my dignity. Devon exits without further word.

You’re quiet like a mouse, Luca claims he just wants Marisa back – love and hate are two sides of the same coin. He knows how to turn it around. As Marisa’s left to wipe off the cheek Luca kissed, she feels Victor’s eyes upon her.

Nick and Chelsea referee the sisters arguing over whether Vikki used Ben to keep her out of the office. Let her go sulk, Vikki calls after her. Chelsea expected respect and support at NE, not sibling rivalry. Behind the desk (and laptop) Nick suggests this is the cyber attack Dad’s been warning them about.

Abby arrives at GCM as Ben’s arranging time off from work on the phone. Call back and cancel – she doesn’t travel with people who conspire against her. Huh? You teamed up with Vikki to keep me out of the loop – you stole my time from work, my focus – all because your ex told you too? You’re a jerk. Abby’s division went down the toilet. That’s all that matters huh? More than you and me?? Ben’s now angry too.

Back at the penthouse, Chelsea updates Adam – sales plateaued. If only she listened to him sooner. Brash n Sassy is up an equal amount – Nick thinks it’s a virus – if someone takes down Victor, they’ll take us all down with him.

Now seated with Marisa, Victor basically asks her to leave town with Luca. It shouldn’t take you long to pack. And hurt Noah? Tell him the truth – that you’re married to Luca Santori. He won’t forgive you. Victor clearly has no sympathy – in 24 hours, Luca better be gone (with or without Marisa) After that, he takes matters into his own hands.

You think this is the Paragon Project? Yes, Nick does – we’ll let this nerd think he’s got us, lull him into a false sense of security. Vikki changes subject – wishing Nick luck in not letting Dad take charge of his kid when it’s born. Nick knows he’ll need it.

Back at the tackhouse, Sage’s work is interrupted by cramps, then dizziness. Let’s call Daddy. As she tries to crawl to her phone, she passes out on paperwork covering the floor.

Ben and Abby’s loud break up ends with her telling him to go to Europe without her – bon voyage!!