Monday, September 21st

Scoffing at Nick knowing more about Paragon than him, Adam asks who else he’s shared this feeble theory with. Hearing that Vikki was the first suspect, Adam suggests Nick’s just trying to keep the peace. Chelsea’s to focus on her designs – Adam will focus on her and Connor ~hug~

Back at the club, Gwen’s sad about Neil – but she’s not trying to score ‘noble’ points to trap Devon – she’s falling in love with Neil.

I saved your life! I should have left you there, Neil agonizes at Hilary’s side. Devon would grieve and we’d all move on. I should have left you there, he repeats, then weeps – I’m so sorry.

Noah finds Marisa in her suite upstairs – Luca hassle you anymore about his wife? If she wanted to be with him, she would be, Marisa says. Noah then confronts her on lying to him, like he’s a simple idiot. You were married to that son of a bitch. Noah, she calls him back – but is left frustrated when he marches out.

Letting himself into the tackhouse, Victor finds Sage waking up (still on the floor) I don’t need your help! she seems terrified – just leave me alone. Victor’s baffled by her reaction.

Next: Vikki’s typing frantically on the laptop, Nick peering over her shoulder. The whole shipping line!? This can’t be – it has to be a mistake!! … Ian’s also looking at a laptop, wine in hand – oh, the soothing sound of chaos … Phyllis, what’s going on? Jack asks. I have a confession to make, she says.

My Thoughts: How is Chelsea 2.0 ABBY’S company? … If Abby was half as professional as she thinks she is, she wouldn’t be having a loud verbal altercation with her boyfriend at his place of work (especially since it’s a hospital) … Everyone has to gather in Victor’s office for the quarterly sales figures? They can’t be emailed? If the reports are quarterly, isn’t September included in the 3rd quarter? … There was nowhere for sales to go but down? That’s optimistic Vikki … I did enjoy Ian’s quip about Brash ‘n Sassy being so outdated all it’s missing is shoulder pads. So true … Jabot’s quarterly sales can’t be good – they lost Chelsea’s line and the rapey perfume Ashley worked on for a year went absolutely nowhere … Considering the penthouses cost upwards of 2 mil, the building’s elevator sure is downscale. No mirrors or chrome to be seen. And I’d hope they’d be soundproofed enough that Connor’s ‘too loud’ laughter wouldn’t be heard outside the apartment .. How exactly did Adam ‘get’ Ian out of prison? And just as Victor’s indirectly guilty for anything Marco did once sprung, Adam will be an accomplice in whatever crimes Ian commits (Jack won’t be happy if that involves Phyllis) … Does Nick panic every time Sage gets off the sofa? Does he carry her to the bathroom every time she has to pee? So I guess she’s going to lose her mind and be checked into Fairview – where Patty will help Sharon steal Sage’s baby. Here we go again. After this, Sharon should probably be checked in permanently … Thankfully Noah’s not THAT stupid – but how can he ever trust Marisa after this? He’s caught her lying repeatedly over the course of their brief relationship. If he was that suspicious, why wouldn’t he take Marisa with him to drop by the bar and the tackhouse? She’s right – Victor gets what he wants (and he wants Luca gone) But he wants YOU gone even more … Does Nick really think ‘Stitch is ‘on it now’? That he’s looking into a medical reason for Sage’s cramps? Newsflash Nick – the only thing Stitch is on is another one of your sisters (well, now he’s on Abby’s shit-list, so he might have time for some doctor stuff) But being a doctor and delivering Vikki’s baby in a garage doesn’t qualify him as an OB/GYN. And psychosomatic pain is another field he’s not qualified in, psychiatry… I’m surprised Nick even bothers with sales receipts. Does it really matter if Underground has loss or profits? … Why is Gwen stalking a guy twice her age? If Neil was all that, Hilary wouldn’t have lost interest so quickly.