Tuesday, September 22nd

Still at the office, Nick’s sure the Paragon Project is behind the fluctuating sales numbers for Chelsea 2.0 and BnS. It’s not a glitch. Nothing can be done tonight – he wants to get back to Sage. As they’re about to leave, the laptop pings to indicate a transaction. What the hell?! Both gape. Meanwhile, a giddy Ian sits before his laptop – let the bidding begin – come on Abbotts!

At Jabot, Ashley and Billy are also surprised by what they see online – Victor would never offload a shipping line in the middle of the night – this is one of his most prized divisions. Ignoring Ashley’s assertion that something’s not right, Billy reaches over to click ‘buy’.

Nick and Vikki are stunned – sold?! No! A whole shipping line!? This must be a mistake.

Ian enjoys his whine – and the sweet sound of chaos – Yes!

Before heading out to dinner, Phyllis tells Jack that he was right to worry about Fred – she doesn’t think meeting him was coincidence. That’s why she… I have a confession to make.

Cuddling on the couch, Adam vows never to take Chelsea for granted again. As his shirt comes off, Abby knocks, then barges in to burst into tears. Who’s upset you? Chelsea asks. Adam can think of only one person.

Edging backwards on the floor, Sage tells Victor to stay away from her – you can’t have my baby. I won’t let you! Victor’s astonished by her terrified reaction.

As Sage manages to sit on the sofa, Victor calls for an ambulance (my DIL is delirious) Don’t touch me! she shoves him away. Help is on the way – calm down, Victor coaxes – relax – it’s OK. Why should I trust you? Because you’re carrying my grandchild – I love my grandchildren; all of them, including the one you’re carrying now. Relax – breathe – help is on the way. Sage nods through her tears.

Vikki snaps at Kevin, the computer genius – we need answers. Stop yammering – I need quiet, Kevin continues to type away. Vikki insists Nick not tell Dad. We just lost a major subsidiary. It’s not lost; Kevin knows exactly where it is – Jabot.

Ben’s been calling and texting me – how can he care so much about his patients but not the woman he loves? Abby wails. You’re so lucky to have Gabe. She suddenly realizes what she interrupted (as she’s slobbering all over Gabe’s shirt in her hands) Hearing Ben wanted to take Abby to Europe. Adam quips – bastard. Abby then reads a text from Nick – someone approved a sale of one of NE’s satellite companies. Not Chelsea 2.0, Chelsea hopes. After Abby runs out, Adam assures tells Chelsea – this is no mistake.

Jack reads the note Fred left for her in the trailer. Phyllis realizes she was foolish and gullible. Let’s forget about Fred. Jack has a better idea.