Tuesday, September 22nd

Ian chuckles at an online article (about Newman selling off assets) How bad is it? It’s about to get a lot worse. He looks at his ringing phone – I knew you’d call.

Ian’s surprised by Mr Abbott’s call. On speakerphone (with Phyllis) Jack’s sorry Fred couldn’t make it to dinner. Fred’s sorry – he was called out of town. That sounds like a fish tale (Jack suspects he moved on to a better fishing spot) You caught me – Fred wouldn’t want his lie to hurt his friend Phyllis. Jack will keep it a secret (and hanging up, thinks the voice is familiar) Ian dumps the phone in his wine glass – let’s not do THAT again.

Adam thinks the Paragon worm is to blame – but we don’t know that Chelsea 2.0 is the division that was sold – go relax in a bath. Abby will update us soon. Adam will try to figure out what’s going on. After Chelsea goes up as instructed, Adam’s pissed when Ian knocks on his door – then stunned to hear he sold off Victor’s prized shipping company. Your Dad’s loss is someone else’s gain. Who? Adam asks.

Lancelot shipping now belongs to Jabot, Billy is sure it’s a good move – someone else would have grabbed it. Ashley’s too cautious. Yeah, but Billy’s too reckless (she won’t stand for it again) This deal seems to good to be true.

At NE, Kevin announces that the sale went through under Vikki’s log in. YOU! Abby thinks she did it to sabotage her in Dad’s eyes – but he knows I’m loyal. Vikki doesn’t have divided loyalties; Billy has nothing to do with this. At the mention of Ben, Nick referees his sisters. Kevin suggests this infighting could be part of the plan against Newman. Victor then calls Nick – but not about business. He’s at GCM – Sage collapsed.

Vikki joins Billy in Ashley’s office – have you been using me? Billy would never do that to her – business is separate from what we have. Ashley chimes in – we purchased Lancelot. It was a mistake – Vikki wants it rectified before her Dad finds out and things get messy. Things already ARE messy, Ashley says. This was YOUR doing, Vikki eyes her.

Across the hall, Adam isn’t happy that Ian’s reigniting the war between the Newmans and Abbotts. He doesn’t want his friend, Jack, brought into this – I don’t want to see him hurt. Hearing Chelsea bellowing his name, Adam sneaks back in as she comes down. You don’t have to pretend – I know what you’ve been up to, she says.

Nick and Abby join Ben and Victor at GCM. Sage spiked a fever – we’re working to get it under control. She was delirious when I found her, Victor says. Nick snaps at him and marches into Sage’s room. We’ll find out what’s going on, he assures his weepy wife before the doctor throws him out.

Back in the hallway, Abby evades Victor’s questions about work and hurries off to leave him to face Nick – who seems to blame him for Sage’s condition.

Vikki suggests Ashley create new products that can compete with NE, not steal their profitable ones. Oh, like when NE stole Chelsea’s line? Billy grabbed a great bargain (and did not use Vikki’s log in to do it) Getting a call, Vikki says she’ll be at GCM soon (and tells Billy not to come with her) That leaves Ashley to scold Billy – this purchase will have consequences; personal and professional.

Chelsea guesses that Adam did all this for her. Yeah, yeah – um but what are we talking about? Chelsea got a text from Abby – Chelsea 2.0 is rebounding and still under the NE umbrella. He really is looking out for her. Adam has news too – Jabot bought the division that went up for sale. Did you tell Jack? Chelsea wonders.

Jack recognizes Fred’s voice but can’t place it. He then gets a call from Gabe alerting him to the sale – Jabot bought a company from NE. Paragon’s responsible; they want to destroy both companies. Adam fears that’s exactly what’ll happen unless Jack convinces Ashley to sell the company back to Victor.

Victor doesn’t understand why Nick blames him – he found Sage writhing on the floor so he called an ambulance. Nick claims that him blackmailing Chelsea over Connor is what’s scaring Sage. She worries the same thing will happen to her when the baby comes. Ridiculous, Victor sputters. Not to Nick – maybe Sage was in such a state BECAUSE you were there.

You can’t possibly think I’m responsible, Victor’s insulted that Nick doesn’t believe him. He thought things were fine between them. What’s going on? Abby’s acting weird too. Ben comes along, but has no info (tests are being done) Nick gives Victor one more glare then rejoins Sage.

Vikki arrives at GCM. She and Abby look over at Victor – we haven’t told him yet. Vikki updates – Billy didn’t steal her passcode. No, he wouldn’t lie. Abby hopes not – she wants Vikki to be happy. Vikki wants Abby to be happy – that’s why she talked to Ben. Abby informs that they broke up. If she’s not to blame, who is?

Adam lets Kevin into the penthouse. Not one Newman signed off on that deal, he reports. It was a surprise to all three of them. No way it could have happened unless…… Chelsea comes down – not sure she likes Kev and Adam working together. There’s a third party involved, Kevin continues – Paragon launched a virus against NE – whomever it is hates the Newmans.