Wednesday, September 23rd

At Jabot, Ashley and Jack argue the semantics of buying vs. stealing Victor’s company. It’s a virus in Newman’s computer network! It could have happened to us. Jack wants to do the honourable thing – as their Dad would have done. Don’t make me take this to the board. Bring it on! Ashley barks.

Summer and Kyle are also butting heads sketchy vs good business. Summer reminds that Jack got shot the last time things got out of hand – someone needs to fix this before it’s too late. On cue, Jack calls – he’s calling an emergency board meeting and wants Kyle there.

In GCM’s lounge, Victor objects to Billy showing up – he’s not here to see about Sage and the baby, he’s here to gloat about Jabot taking his shipping line. You’re thieves – the Abbott’s are probably behind he computer glitch. He’s stunned when Vikki finally speaks up – leave him alone. What the hell’s gotten into you? Victor scowls at her.

Ben reads out the results – it’s not psychosomatic. There is something wrong. How bad is it? Sage and Nick are worried.

Dylan brings Faith to visit Sharon. Why is Faith so sad? Dylan told me – about the baby, she pouts. Sharon gives him a worried look.

Back at CL’s, Summer hopes the Abbott’s decide to do the right thing at this meeting. Kyle tries to stay neutral – no company is worth this war. No, but you’ll be loyal to your family even if it hurts me, Summer pouts.

Vikki defends Billy – it’s not like he pushed the button to buy Lancelot. No, it was a company decision, he claims. It was YOU! Victor stands to accuse. That company wasn’t for sale – it’s because of Paragon – and you’re Paragon. Billy needs IT to help him open his email. Bottom line; some computer nerd took you to the cleaner. Billy tells Victor to write down his complaints and ship them to him – oh wait, you don’t have a shipping company do ya? Victor doesn’t think the useless punk’s funny. Getting a call from Jack, Billy gives Vikki a quick parting kiss (then leaves her to face Daddy’s wrath and march off in a huff when Nikki arrives)

Ben has good news for Sage and Nick – it’s only a minor infestation of the intestines that medication will clear up. The parents to be hug happily.

Dylan told Faith that Mommy’s doing what’s best for the baby. But why can’t you rest at home? Faith promises to be good. You’re always good, Sharon assures her that she’ll soon be home, feeling stronger and getting ready for the baby to come. Faith thinks it’ll be a girl. Speaking of the baby, Dylan wants to talk to her OB about what’s going on. Sharon’s smile fades.

Sharon’s already spoken to her OB – Dylan’s already doing so much. He gets a text from Nick. Everything’s OK – he wants to know if Faith can stay the night with Dylan. Faith sent to fetch a drink, Sharon demands the truth – you don’t need to protect me. I can handle it.

Ben and Nick talk about what a great Dad Dylan will be. Nick’s left to worry there’s more to it – did my Dad say something to upset you?

Victor tells Nikki that Sage was rambling, scared our of her mind – thought I had designs on her baby (as does Nick now – because he prevented Chelsea from taking Connor to Paris. He’s annoyed that no one appreciates what he does for the family. Nikki suggests he start to think about other people’s perceptions – make amends for hurting them.

Billy joins his squabbling siblings. Kyle, Lauren (Traci’s proxy) and the other board members arrive for the meeting. Jack pressures Kyle to trust him on this (and vote with him) He and Ashley then take turns pitching their sides. This isn’t just a vote on this one issue, Ashley concludes – it’s a referendum on the direction of Jabot and who will be leading it into the future.

Sage is so embarrassed that she overreacted with Victor – who knows what would have happened if he hadn’t shown up.