Tuesday, September 22nd

In Ashley’s office, Jack ORDERS her to sell Lancelot back to NE at cost. Ordering me!? Ashley balks. Jack insists – wash your hands of it. Billy sides with Ashley (who’ll only sell it back at a profit) Would Victor hand a company back to US free of charge? After Billy leaves, Jack says this is bigger than revenge – someone wanted Jabot to buy the company. You took the bait. Ashley is CEO and she’s not selling – that’s final.

Ashley and Jack continue to argue – if Jack wants her to sell the company back to Victor (and call the shots around here) he better get the board together to oust her.

At home, Phyllis reads Fred’s letter – this isn’t good bye. Then what is it? What game are you playing with me? she rips it up. Picking a cell phone up, she dials. This number is not in service.

Adam’s not sure Kevin’s giving him facts. This is what he does – he’s a genius, and a nerd – Chelsea tends to believe him. Can’t he kill this supervirus? No – it’s replicating itself. There’s nothing Kevin can do to stop this virus. It’s bad. Someone must be able to stop it. Maybe, but who????

In GCM’s lounge, Victor asks Vikki what’s going on. No, he hasn’t checked his phone. Your day’s about to get worse. Victor scowls at his phone – what!? Jabot took over our shipping line? On cue, Billy appears.

Abby’s sorry she didn’t respond to Ben’s texts earlier. Handed a folder, Ben makes a beeline to speak to Nick and Sage – I have the test results.

Next: Victor shouts at Vikki – How the hell did you reconcile with a useless, obnoxious punk like this??!! … You’re keeping something from me – whatever it is, tell me. I can handle it. You don’t have to protect me, Sharon pleads with Dylan…. Don’t push me Ash. I will take this to the board! Bring it on! Ashley stands to confront Jack.

My Thoughts: Vikki has some nerve telling Ashley to create her own new products instead of stealing NE’s profitable ones (after the lengths Victor went to to steal the formula for her rapey perfume Hex; which was thankfully if not inexplicably dropped) … Really? That’s how easy it is to buy a company presumably worth millions online – there’s no ‘click here to confirm your order’? Are we expected to believe that there’s some ebay-like site where companies are auctioned off to the highest bidder? No signatures, hand shakes or lawyers looking over fiscal reports are required? Puh-lease …. Why is Abby whining that Ben’s devotion to HIS job? He’s the one willing to take time off to take her to Europe – he’s the one who had to trick her into meeting him upstairs for a ‘meeting’ – SHE’S the one who needed to check in at work before agreeing to go to Europe.